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I did an extensive review of the The Kennerton Gjallarhorn VS The Kennerton Magni- but all of that is out the window since I modified my - Gjallarhorn. This new review will show you what I did and what impact it had on the sound. I can briefly say- these are now the best sounding headphones I have ever put over my ears period ever. That includes all IEMs. The only thing I can say comes close is perfect sounding Kinoshita 4V large monitors mounted in 8 tons of poured concrete which I have listened to in a recording studio on Long Island called Music Palace (The Mix Palace) . This studio has a 12 strand solid copper ground that goes over 100ft into the ground. The transformer was a custom design for the electric company speced by the recording owner himself. All the electrical wire is on one side of building to include lights etc, and the audio wire is on the other intersecting at right angles where necessary. For me to tell you these headphones sound as good as this studio is a statement I do not make lightly. I personally own Vandersteen Speakers, and Magnepan 3.6r with sound anchors, one of my closest friends has Perfect Eight The Force - and I can say his system is the pinnacle of insane perfection- and these headphones sound nearly as good. Let the review continue of these modfified horn headphones that may just change the industry as we know it.

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Pros: Everything sounds amazing since the mod, perfect now for any genre of music, customizable bass tuning now, the mids and treble are pinpoint perfect above the Magni, they sound very wide and open like open backs (but they are closed backs)
Cons: I have only the stock cable I dislike, they are large headphones (50mm drivers for ultra dynamics), they do need some work on metal band to get tight fit (bend it inward as I mentioned in first review), you need to mod them for them to achieve this insane level of bliss

I will probably add to this review as things progress- but I since did a review for the Russian made Kennerton Magni vs Gjallarhorn - but everything about the Gjallarhorn has changed. I was never really loving the sound even after I bent the metal bands for a tighter fit around my ears- the sound got better- but it was always too different and departed from a sound I really could love love love like the Magni. I love the Magni headphones - they are in many ways better than my Sen HD600 - and they are a closed back headphone - which is what I need. The problem with most closed backs is they sound closed in- and that's where the Ghorn was suppose to sound more open and more dynamic with less wattage to bring out micro details - similar to real horn speakers. The thing is- I am really hyper sensitive to timing and notes ending when they should, lingering on when they should and knowing when to vibrate a bit- I am very sensitive to this with speakers and very sensitive to this with IEMs with multi driver armatures - if the timing is wrong when it comes to the blend of highs mids and lows- I will hear it right away.

Anyway- I will make this very very brief for now- as I said I may add more latter. I did two things to the Gjallarhorn's that have transformed them into nearly perfect sounding headphones for me.

I do not recommend this unless you want to void your warranty with Kennerton- but if done correctly you should be fine. Do not attempt this or hold me or Kennerton liable for these mods- please.

1) I removed ear pads to gain access to the alen wrench screws- I removed the 4 screws.


Removed the font and back leather plate on outside of earphone. I accessed two holes - See picture-


I removed the carpet on both sides- and cut them as plugs- bass plugs for the ports. See next picture where one bass port is covered and the other is open- you can pick how you want your bass to playback- both sealed, one open one closed, or both open. The more air entering the port the more bass. I find two open ports too much bass. One open and one closed is perfect for me.

The Next HUGE upgrade and this has everything to do with the now pinpoint stop start of vocals and instruments is this-

This is the normal driver configuration on the Kennerton web site

All I did was this:

GH50 mod.jpg

I added furniture dots - they key here is DO NOT go anywhere near Graphene Mylar membrane- you will break it easily if you touch it. The next key is the dots have to be super small and soft and fluffy not Velcro types they are too dense and don't work well. Please do not ask me which exact dots I used- I used the ones in this picture finally deciding these have the best sound. I used 10 dots on each ear horn cup. Be careful not to go higher than flat edge on top or you may have a lumpy cover when you put the screws back on.

Re-assemble everything back. Now you are ready.


That's all. I never thought that the transformation would be as big as it is, but it is. These are now my favorite headphones of all time period. They were always extremely efficient to drive as Kennerton designed them from the factory. But now modded they are pinpoint accurate and create the stop start to vocals and instruments I have always craved in headphones. They are faster than anything I ever heard for headphones. The closest thing I can compare them to is a recording studio I went to many times before. The studio is owned by one of the most fanatical people I have ever met- and I am super grateful for it since he and my recording engineer friends have taught me so much back then. As an example of how well researched and crazy this studio owner is- when he built The Music Palace (Mix Palace), for his ground on the special audio electrical circuit breaker box he used a thick bundle of individual stranded pure copper rods of over 1" thick each that was set deep inside the ground by a water well company - the cable reaches way over 100ft into the earth. He built the studio with special power transformers that the electrical company brought in special for his specifications that are on the poles outside the studio. The entire studio is wired so all lighting and non musical equipment is on on one side of the building and the other side is wired using only the musical wire when possible intersecting at right angles. The main mixing room is completely isolated- I won't go into how they did it- but it is way over the top crazy isolation - ceiling, floor etc. The speakers are what we are talking about - and comparing these modded Ghorns to- speakers in The Mix Palace; they use a set of horn Kinoshita 4V large monitors mounted in 8 tons of concrete! If you ever want pinpoint stop start perfect sound- this is the place that literally had me crying on how perfect the sound was. I really did shed tears on how gorgeous the sound moved me.


I have never heard a headphone come close to this sound as much as the Kennerton modded Gjallarhorn. I can't grasp that this type of dynamic headphone does so much right and so little wrong. Beyond the best sound I ever heard in any IEM, ANY headphone or even most speakers systems.

Bass extension is customizable as mentioned above. I prefer one hole covered and one open. I don't need to EQ anything- the sound is as recorded from the source. Vocalists like Chris Issac or Alison Krauss, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday etc all sound excellent as an example. Deep voiced recordings where the recording engineer wanted intimate sound with the singer and the listener like Jane Monheit, Tori Amos or Sarah McLachlan all sound as close to perfection as they should. From crazy electronic music like the Gesaffelstein or The Crystal Method to rock such as Van Halen to Muse all sound insanely great here as well. What don't these headphones do? They aren't bloated they aren't sibilant, they are pinpoint accurate, sound warm, mids all sound right, high end detail is all there without fatigue AT ALL. The stage is huge- the placement on the stage is pinpoint.
The only limit here is the recording quality.

I know so many people are going to doubt the sincerity of this review mod, but I can't explain it better than wholly sh$t balls this is the best dam headphone I ever heard bar none. Of all the trade shows like Cam jam and AV Shows like T.H.E... no kidding... And for all the naysayer's- well I can tell you- you haven't heard these modded yet have you?

I know this review will garnish a ton of doubt... I could care less. I am always truthful and passionate about music and equipment. I don't know what else to write so I will stop here.


UPDATED 8/31/20- too many people asking what size the fluffy dots are or their name- this is all I can supply at this time- the name I do not have (sorry about that) - I would think a hobby or home goods store would have similar sizes and make sure they are fluffy material - good luck and happy listening- I LOVE MY Modded Gjallarhorn GH50s and wouldn't sell them or trade them- they are that good- I hope you can hear them some day...

not this kind of fluffy...


SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING for what kind of felt to use-
It needs to be flexible thin but fluffy- something like this:
THEY NEED TO BE THIN FLUFFY AND FLEXIBLE without a hard bottom- they need to flex and not be too big-






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John Massaria
John Massaria
I've never heard anything like it. Pretty much destroys everything.
Ordered & excited. Hope I've done the right thing....


I understand Kennerton is working on testing mods and making an actual model with these mods available so it will be under warranty- of course expect the price to be double lol -JK
I have already one, and hope not to purchase another brand new one modded, I cannot buy a new headphone every two months...