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  1. DanishSound

    Delivery of Headstage Arrow HE 4G

    got mine and love it
  2. DanishSound


    Really good sound but the need moding. the headband is no annoying after 10min only
  3. DanishSound

    AKG K550 Review.

    Just made a order on them. mostly cause of the design
  4. DanishSound

    2011 Tokyo Headphone Festival - Head-Fi TV

    Fantastic with a headphone festival
  5. DanishSound

    Cowon J3 - Personal User EQ Settings

    So many options on the cowon ^ ^
  6. DanishSound

    House of Marley Positive Vibrations (review)

    i think the Exodus is the best in the line of House of Marley
  7. DanishSound

    House of marley? hmm?

    the xeodus looks really nice
  8. DanishSound

    Amping my Cowon J3

    80 [0] Normal 220 [0] Narrow 650[0] Narrow 4.1 [0] Wide 11.7 [0] Wide BBE 3 Mach3Bass 2   Everythingn else off. I change my arrow amp bass boost between 1-2 you can also try     105 [4] Normal 220 [2] wide 1.1[4] Wide 3.0 [5] Normal 11.7 [4] Wide   BBE 6...
  9. DanishSound

    Amping my Cowon J3

    I use the Cowon J3 with the Arrow 4G + Grado HF-2/custom Martin Bloodwood   The setup is really slim and fits my normal use. The Arrow has some nice eq that i benfit from. 
  10. DanishSound

    Cowon J3 - Personal User EQ Settings

    Thx for the suggest.. It's a nice not colored sound.. I'm trying to find my own sound, so this helps a lot. I still need to listen a bit longer to see how it fits me over time. Changing at the moment with Grado HF-2 Custom Martin/Bloodwood: 80hz +2 (wide) 500hz+1 (wide) 1.1khz +2...
  11. DanishSound

    Cowon J3 - Personal User EQ Settings

    Hi I am looking for some setting that can fit my Grado HF-2 Custom/Martin (Bloodwood) with the Arrow 4g. this is an open headphone, so keep that in mind :)