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  1. APWiseman

    My phone is dying. Time for a new one.

    This phone is for work and self-use, which is why I want a decent camera on the phone. I've been playing with Wi-Mo, it doesn't seem to complicated.
  2. APWiseman

    My phone is dying. Time for a new one.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I think the only problem with your phone is that it needs a new battery. Can you access the battery compartment? If not, Google the model number of your phone with "battery replacement" and you should find a FAQ and any number of battery vendors...
  3. APWiseman

    24/7 COmputer help and Anti-virus too good to be true?

    The best non-free anti-virus program is Nod32. I would try that, most free anti-virus offer paper thin protection. I use Mcafee on my comp and it's pretty good.
  4. APWiseman

    My phone is dying. Time for a new one.

    I have been stubbornly holding onto my Sony Ericsson w800i and it won't charge anymore. I was looking at unlocked smart phones since I will most likely being going overseas for work next year. I'm considering: Samsung Omnia i900 HTC Hero Nokia N97 I am leaning towards the Omnia for...
  5. APWiseman

    Weight lifting/Strength/power grip/Personal training fi...

    Quote: Originally Posted by kool bubba ice I'd focus on bigger muscle groups, & compound exercises, using more then one major body part.. Bench press: Chest. Front delts. Triceps. Squats: Quads/Hamstrings. etc.. These are also mass builders. Not sure if you are a hard gainer or not...
  6. APWiseman

    Weight lifting/Strength/power grip/Personal training fi...

    I am just shy of the 1000 lbs. club. Leaning out for an upcoming BJJ tournament isn't helping much either. Bench 1RM 320lb, Deadlift 295lb 3RM, Squat 315 3RM, those were @ 5' 10" @190lb, now I'm at 175lb...faster, more endurance but my bench has dropped by a good 25lbs. My squats probably suck...
  7. APWiseman

    Which Male physique type is more attractive?

    I would lean towards someone like George St. Pierre. An MMA fighter with functional strength, flexibility, and stamina. If your starting to lift, lift for strength (6-8 rep range) and then work on leaning out (progressive overload/lifting...
  8. APWiseman

    If you had $200.00?

    I would spend that money on dates, tickets to see live music, or food at some nice restaurants.
  9. APWiseman

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Pro Complex Protein 4.6lbs Milk Chocolate Flavor, Greensicle+, and Barlean's Flax Seed. Diet suckssss.
  10. APWiseman

    my parents offered to buy me a new car if I dropped out of school and went to work

    You could always quit college for a year (to get the new car) and unquit right after =).
  11. APWiseman

    Jaawa's HEADPHONExperience '09: Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II, FiiO E5 and Sennheiser PC 350 (Hero's Mod)

    Can you use Comply Foam Tips with the Sennheiser CX 380 Sport 2?
  12. APWiseman

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Gamer 4/10. It like Second Life and Counter Strike on Crystal Meth. The whole movie suffered from shakey hand camera syndrome and flashing lights. Made me dizzy just watching it.
  13. APWiseman

    I've been struggling with foreign languages my whole life, and I'm running out of time...

    I hated Spanish in High School, so I understand your pain. I took German in College (part of my philosophy requirement) and for the most part...the first couple of levels of German are easy. Straight forward structure with just lots of vocab to learn. Just like any foreign language, the higher...
  14. APWiseman

    What Shoes Are You Wearing?

    Nike Free Sparq '09 in Black/Red. Just got them Saturday and loving them.
  15. APWiseman

    Favorite Dress Shirt Brands

    I get my stuff from Banana Republic.
  16. APWiseman

    What book are you reading right now?

    Critique of Violence by Beatrice Hanssen Abnormal by Michel Foucault I really should start Identity by Milan's getting dusty.
  17. APWiseman

    POST YOUR COLLEGE! (Student or Alumni)

    Pitzer College-2008 Majors: English and World Literature, Modernity's Hegemonies (special designed major) I should get a JD somewhere, when I feel like it lol.
  18. APWiseman

    Door-mounted Chin-up/Pull-up bar (fi?)

    Quote: Originally Posted by greenhorn Learn from my experience. Make sure that the bar is wery well fixed with the screws. Several years ago, a work colleague had bought one of those bars and "fixed" it in the door frame without using the provided screws, but just by pressure. And it...
  19. APWiseman

    Door-mounted Chin-up/Pull-up bar (fi?) Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar: Sports & Outdoors I have that one, which is a "Made in China" pull up bar. It works pretty well, only thing I had to do was get longer bolts and better washers from the hardware store. I don't think spending $60-80 is worth it for a pull up...
  20. APWiseman

    Recommendations for Restaurants in Bay Area

    Millennium in San Fran I hear is a really great vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Make sure you go to Bi-Rite Creamery for Ice Cream though (it's on Mission Street if I remember correctly).
  21. APWiseman

    Need Help Choosing a New (Cheap) Car

    Maybe a Civic Si, if you want something a bit sporty. The new Honda Accord Styling is pretty nice, it's very roomy now.
  22. APWiseman

    What do you like on your steaks?

    Salt & Pepper, and I use fresh rosemary in the pan to flavor butter/oil when I use a skillet.
  23. APWiseman

    Are you Nihilistic?

    I used to be a nihilist when I was reading alot of philosophy (Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Existentialists, and Frankfurt School Folks). After many nights in drunken (or drug-induced) stupor, I just got tired of feeling nothing of negativity. It isn't healthy, and the truth is you're not...
  24. APWiseman

    Kitchen Knife-fi

    Thanks for the sharpening tips guys, I will definitely look into those links and products.