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  1. mosi

    Sennheiser IE 80 S impression thread

    In the meantime I may have found the reason, why I couldn't get along with their sound signature and I'd wager a guess that we're in the same boat. It's the frequency response we're used to. What quantity (not quality!) of frequencies we perceive as "normal". Your Koss have almost no boosted...
  2. mosi

    Sennheiser IE 80 S impression thread

    They do seem to get some praise now that more people received theirs and I guess rightly so. In the end I ended up returning mine because I didn't like the idea of a veil which is a more diplomatic way of putting it :). Had some very friendly calls with Sennheiser last week. They asked me to...
  3. mosi

    Sennheiser IE 80 S impression thread

    There was no burn-in period per any definition. As for the sound signature thing, thanks for making me test the different eartips again. Compared to my DT990, this is the result: Rubber single flange Small: thin Medium: bassy, still slightly muffled Large: Bassy, Muffled Rubber double flange...
  4. mosi

    Sennheiser IE 80 S impression thread

    I took the plunge about two weeks ago after my beloved Klipsch X10 died on one side after countless years of service. I'm not too confident to write a full scale review and am still unsure if I want to keep them for reasons explained later but at least have gotten a little accustomed to the...
  5. mosi

    Xonar essence STX with Klipsch Image X-10?

    Thanks for getting me started. I'll read about the whole thing a bit for a while I guess. Can't hurt to try and know what I'm actually doing there
  6. mosi

    Xonar essence STX with Klipsch Image X-10?

    Yeah that might work out somehow plus I wanted to dig into that topic anyway. Is there anything you could suggest?
  7. mosi

    Xonar essence STX with Klipsch Image X-10?

    Well.. I did it and ordered the STX. At first I thought just the low end was pretty much emphasized but they totally don't work well with the STX. Right now I'm comparing the X-10 with some Sony MDR-V500 from a friend and the X-10 are muffled, veiled and boomy in comparison. Normally they're...
  8. mosi

    Xonar essence STX with Klipsch Image X-10?

    Did anyone ever try said Xonar essence STX directly with klipsch image X-10 IEM's ? Years ago I've plugged the klipsch into a meier audio amp and they sounded utterly horrible as in extremely muffled, boomy and whatnot out of some mysterious reason. Since the STX also has some kind of beefier...
  9. mosi

    amping the Image X10 somehow

    Heh yeah that's true, at some point I'd have to take a plunge. Call me picky but after seeing the shop where they sell the Xin amps, I don't really feel like placing an order there. Better defined low end sounds like a good match for the X10, bass quantity is already good. From your...
  10. mosi

    amping the Image X10 somehow

    Yesterday a friend came over and we had some pretty fun day listening to our equipment, comparing phones and sources. I was partially looking to get myself a portable amp to make my main phones sound even better. He brought with him his new Corda Arietta, a Behringer Ultramatch Pro 2496 DAC...
  11. mosi

    Impressions on the Klipsch Image X10

    Quote: Originally Posted by elnero If you're using single flange tips the large bi-flanges may help with sibilance but they'll also change the sonic signature a bit. I personally loved the bi-flanges but they made my ears itch. Thanks for that hint! I tried over the past days and...
  12. mosi

    Only For Klipsch IEM owners to Vote

    While I have no problem with the cable of my Images as such, the whole idea of something replaceable sounds pretty good to me.
  13. mosi

    Impressions on the Klipsch Image X10

    After doing the plunge and picking up a new pair of Klipsch Image (X10) I wanted to share my thoughts on those little ones. I already have them for some months and they do still amaze me. I went looking for new cans after I found my ER-6 to be way too bass shy for my tastes. In between I used a...
  14. mosi

    Are head-fiers "fun" or "analytical"?

    Hell yeah, fun - Image X10 describes it perfectly... ah the joy of those little buggers
  15. mosi

    In the Blink of an Eye - entire music library gone!

    Congratulations on getting your precious collection mostly back alive Tyson! Since someone mentioned DVD-R backups I strongly suggest to avoid those media. I switched to DVD-RAM media a while ago because they are said to last like 30 years when stored well. Maybe have a second backup-set...
  16. mosi

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The King - Sympathy for the devil
  17. mosi

    Sennheiser IEM's

    Well they lag a bit behind on the other side of the pond for sennheiser it seems. I found them a few weeks ago and haven't found any reviews especially on the IE-8 yet on the net. Over here in germany I could've ordered them for like 230€ shipped it seems but apparenty no head-fier from europe...
  18. mosi

    Need a good Set of earphones With Lots of bass!

    I agree with Jonathanjong, turning up the volume will damage your hearing in the long run. If you still feel like you have to turn up the volume even with IEM's then you're maybe missing some parts of the sound. Maybe too little bass in your case but that's something only you can tell. Now...
  19. mosi

    EQ'ing the cra* out of my ER-6 - anything like this on the market?

    Heh glad to hear that I'm in good company on the EQ front. When these here need some replacement I'd be out looking for some that have the bass boost built in without an amp or EQ. Especially some that are rather easy to get in germany since I've gotten lazy. I dunno when it'll happen though...
  20. mosi

    EQ'ing the cra* out of my ER-6 - anything like this on the market?

    Strange things happen when people get bored. Somehow I ended up doing a little EQ job on my ER-6 since I wasn't really satisfied with the bass. Basically my take on bass is like on displacement.. bass can only be replaced by more bass. I just recently got back to using them and after a few days...
  21. mosi

    ER6 revisited by accident

    If there was one thing I sometimes love and sometimes hate on my set of DT990's (2005) is that they're open cans. When things are quiet i love every ounce of them, especially the low end. The downside comes when I'm around at smaller lan-parties which happens quite regularly. Lately people don't...
  22. mosi

    Beyerdynamic DT990 replacement drivers

    You know that reminds me of my 990's. They also distorted slightly with bass on higher volumes. In fact there were one or two small hairs poking onto the membrane. After I've gotten rid of those things have been fine again. If you're already thinking of opening them anyway maybe give that...
  23. mosi

    Senn HD959 vs. AKG-701's vs. Beyerdynamics

    Can't comment on the 590's since I've never seen them in the wild as far as I can remember. From how the cups look like they should go around your ears and not sit on top of them. The DT990 have quite big earcups and will surely fit over your ears. Comfort and size-wise I'd rank them about on...
  24. mosi

    Right esrphone of my UM1's producing no sound

    I had the "no sound" phenomena on my ER-6 after not using them for quite a while. In that case it was one of the filters which was clogged. I do hope Jon118 is right and your one is just clogged with wax. This is a guess but the material of the UM1 looks transparent on the pictures. Can you...
  25. mosi

    ETYMŌTIC IEM Owners Headcount - Are you one?

    Heh, count me in on the lot. Owning a pair of ER-6i since like somewhere late 2003