ER6 revisited by accident
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Jan 12, 2004
If there was one thing I sometimes love and sometimes hate on my set of DT990's (2005) is that they're open cans. When things are quiet i love every ounce of them, especially the low end. The downside comes when I'm around at smaller lan-parties which happens quite regularly. Lately people don't "play" games, they rather "shout" games so I quite often had to max out the volume to barely overcome the noise.

Then the upgrade bug came out of its cave and started to nag me. I was like a ride home and 3 clicks away from ordering some new DT770's when a friend reminded me of my good ol' ER6 that I bought in 2003 or 2004.
I decided to give them another go yesterday evening and instantly fell in love with them once more.

Right now I'm jumping through my music archive and they still sound great. Now I just have to find a dealer that doesn't try to call Sennheiser and then tell me that he couldn't find filters from Ety. Germany sure is weird on mondays...

Oh well, things can be so simple sometimes

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