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  1. trog

    Htc One

    Update :  received the sports armband from ebay a few days back - enjoying the M7 while jogging too wee Link if someone is curious...
  2. trog

    Best Smartphone for audiophile

    Well with all the talk of the HTC One M9 i thought this would be prime time to dip into the used market to nab previous flagships on the (dirt) cheap so i got a HTC One M7  Very clean sound out from the headphone jack (the headphone amp section exceeds my expectations) and am using it as my...
  3. trog

    My Very Low Budget Nearfield Desktop Rig (Lepai amp and Dayton Audio speakers)

    Coming to a 4th year and my old Lepai LP2020A+ still runs cool and cheerfully 24/7  I expected it to die and buy a new one like 2 years ago but it still lives! 
  4. trog

    Htc One

    Just fished out the M7 on the cheap used at a local online forum and all i can say is WOW! I connected it to a Fiio E7 and actually to my ears the HTC One M7 on it's own sounded better! Think i am settled for a smartphone/dap combo and i know i would be using this 24/7 on the train/tube but am...
  5. trog

    Amp for use with Klipsch B-20

      Ya sure why not - let us know how these pair up and if u liked em 
  6. trog

    lepai lp-2020a+ subwoofer hook up?

    You'd want subwoofers with high level (speaker wire) inputs/outputs but the good news is a huge number of them has this and you run the bookies as sats off the speaker wire outputs on the active sub  
  7. trog

    Advice on Wharfedale Diamond 10.2's

    Hmm i was once in your shoes and yes older model AVRs just with optical/coax (no HDMI) allow DD/DTS 5.1 and on gumtree you can find real basement bargains ^^
  8. trog

    JBL Loft 30 Book Shelf Speakers

    You'd need speaker wire and a 3.5mm to RCA (red/white) audio cable. Well given the price u got it for i doubt you can do better unless there are some awesome deals still floating around?
  9. trog

    JBL Loft 30 Book Shelf Speakers

    Looking at the specs of those JBLs @ 89dB, i'd say the Lepai LP2020+ is a good match ^^ I have a PC audio set up with some Polks and they do excellent together ^^
  10. trog

    Any suggestions for laptop speaker/subwoofer system for less than $200?

    With Black Friday looming prices could get even better but in your shoes     Pioneer BS41s   Huge thread on these @ AVS   Topping TP22...
  11. trog

    2.0 dillema - speakers for media center

    If u want to do a 2.0 in a living room for a multi purpose audio set up i.e movies, music, tv, etc i'd have them having some decent low end w/o a dedicated sub? In my case i went with floor standers and it worked out fantastic 
  12. trog

    Bose Cinemate GS II vs Onkyo ls3100 vs Sound bars

    For $700 i would just go with a decent 2.1 given small room 
  13. trog

    Do I really need a sound card with this motherboard and headphones (Asrock Fatal1ty Professional & HD668B)

    I actually own those cans and i can tell you even with a now outdated Fiio E7, the cans sing far better with the E7 than onboard mobo audio!
  14. trog

    Audioengine A2: The king of value powered monitors has no clothes?

    Oh which Topping amp did you get i.e TA2020/2021 or TK2050? I've listened to TK2050 Toppings mated with Brit/US bookies and find these offering great value for money!
  15. trog

    Low budget PC speaker system

    Heard the Diamonds 9.1 and liked it but nah w/o a sub you won't be rattling the windows or rumbling the floors
  16. trog

    Low budget PC speaker system

    I actually have a Lepai TA2020 based amp with 89dB bookies for a PC audio set up and yes sometimes i turn it up and listen from a chair/bed and from 9-10 feet away they are fine
  17. trog

    PCIE sound card optical output better than motherboard one?

    Quote:   Hmm if fry's is an option $139 nets ya a Denon AVR 1312
  18. trog

    Paradigm Atom V7 loudspeaker equipment recommendations needed!

    Quote:   Meh i paid $30 USD for the Lepai with a seperate 12V 5A PSU and thought even if it was a lemon and died 6-12 mths later it's cheap and i'd just get another one? 2 years later it's still going strong under heavy 24/77 use However i agree with cel : that Nuforce is overpriced and...
  19. trog

    PCIE sound card optical output better than motherboard one?

    Actually for a dedicated HTPC one should not be fiddling around with an addon soundcard IMO - just pass HDMI to a HDMI AVR and it's all good ^^
  20. trog

    Paradigm Atom V7 loudspeaker equipment recommendations needed!

    Your bro is spot on and as a guide peeps have now found out that for nearfield/PC AUdio just the cheap/compact Lepai TA2020 based amps do just fine - i should know as one of my set ups involve the Lepai TA2020, 89dB Polks and a Fiio E7 DAC ^^ The E10 is a slight step up so you may want to have a...
  21. trog

    My goal: Decent bookshelf speakers and a pair of good headphones. Need your help.

    Hmm what is your max budget? If u want nice low end i would go with bookies and an active sub say 8-10"? Also consder used classic/vintage receivers - many have driven demanding cans with these and some have awesome headphone out sections ^^
  22. trog

    Soundbar Recommendation?

    With such a tight budget, Soundbars may be compact but both for 2 channel or surround they wouldn't be an ideal solution IMO w.r.t SQ/$$.  For a start perhaps look into Craiglist for a cheap optical/coax AVR and a pair of bookshelf speakers and an active sub perhaps?
  23. trog

    Help Buying a USB Sound Card

    Well do u have demanding cans, etc? That would determine if u need a headphone amp section for best results but i would look at Hifimediy Sabre and Fiio E10 for a start?