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    ZMF x JDS Labs Homage Amp

    Thanks! No, on a recent podcast, Dan Laufman of Emotiva said they’d be releasing a streamer incorporating Volumio software. Given Emotiva”s “more for less $“ approach, I’m looking forward to that.
  2. PDC3

    ZMF x JDS Labs Homage Amp

    My Homage just arrived today. The Geshelli J2 configured with AKM 4499 and Sparkos op amps for all outputs arrived just last week. So I have “shiny new toy” ears so far, so other than to say I’m very pleased I won’t offer descriptors yet. But you can judge the look yourselves. Now if Emotiva...
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    CanJam Dallas 2023 Impressions Thread (November 11-12, 2023)

    Unexpected Learnings from CanJam Dallas Dallas was my second CanJam experience and my first since the pandemic. Tons of fun and of course I heard wonderful 'phones and electronics that I yearn for. Add me to the lists of ZMF and Stax admirers. But I want to share some unexpected learnings: Pads...
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    Review by 'PDC3' on item 'HiBy R3 II'

    ...of "pocket bulge" the walk-about experiences may not be that different. The Moonriver 2 Ti is 57mm x 19.6mm x 13.4mm compared to R3 II at 86.9*60.6*14.5mm. Note the thickness of each: 13.4 vs 14.5 mm. That's the "bulge" difference. And here's a picture of the R3 II in red versus the BTR 7...
  5. HiBy R3 II

    HiBy R3 II

    Features: All-New Compact Design. Dual ES9219C DAC Chips. Dual-Independent Clock Sources. 4.4mm Balanced+3.5mm Single-Ended Outputs. 3.2” Colorful Display Touchscreen. Dedicated Audio Jitter Clock. Redesigned Amp Section For High-Output Power. Intuitive HiBy OS. HiBy Link Support. MSEB Audio...
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    Reply to review by 'PDC3' on item 'xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp'

    I’ve heard Schiit Mjolnir 3. Now THAT is in Folkvangr realm and an aspirational choice.
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    Review by 'PDC3' on item 'xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp'

    TLDR; A quality all-in-one desktop unit that arguably delivers beyond its sub-$500 (US) asking price. Gives solid evidence of how tube listening can differ from solid state listening, without over-the-top "tubey" sound effect. Easily recommended. Brief Overview The Xduoo site is worth your...
  8. xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp

    xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp

    In brief, the TA-22 sports RCA analog and XLR analog inputs, plus DAC inputs for USB (B receptacle), coaxial, optical and major Bluetooth codecs including LDAC. The TA-22 uses these to feed its back-side preamp RCA out (controlled by volume knob), another RCA line-out (volume unaffected), and...
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    I have Grado RS1i and have owned the 80s. Grado offers the most open of open-backed sound. Bass can be described as tight, punchy, detailed but not weighty, not sonorous. If you thrill to the detail of Christian McBride walking up and down the bass, Gradis are a great listen. But if you want...
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    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    Jon, checked the Brainwavz packages and the leather says Round for Fostex, Sony, while the hybrid leather simply says Round. Either way, they stretch to fit over much of the back panel of the AKG, rather than in its notch that houses its own pad. Can’t offer a similarly priced ovoid alternative...
  11. PDC3

    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    Jon, I already owned Q701 so I never have used the K cable, but rather the (lime green, yowza!) Q cables. Neither is microphonic. As to isolation, you're wearing glasses, as I do? You might try a Brainwavz alternative ear pad, which I've found helps but does not "fix" the isolation to the...
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    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    Pardon me, I appreciate your response and overlooked getting back to you. Thanks much.
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    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    No ring, a ridge (sigh).
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Fascinating change in rank for the Senn HD 800s. Also ZMF recently on my radar, so interesting to see how stable their Classics are at the top 2.
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Really helpful, Anaz thank you! I haven’t heard the 560, will check it out.
  16. PDC3

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    I no longer own headphones I dislike - the ones with bass-in-a-barrel or muddy mid sound. So I wouldn’t steer you away from any of these once taking into account the use-case and relative value. 1) OPPO PM-3 - Closed back planar with intimate soundstage. Billed as portable but the protein...
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    I like the bass of the MD HiFiMan 4xx but could use a bit more treble sparkle. Between your Senn 6xx and H Sundara, which do you think would be more likely to get me there? Or shouldn’t I bother with either and save up for the Elex? Thanks!
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    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    Q: Is Beyerdynamic implementation of mini-XLR on the earcup of its DT 1990 compatible with AKG cables like the one for HP on this thread, also Q701 and K7?? Series?
  19. PDC3

    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    Wellll, as a general rule “never replace the pads”, okay. But specifically for the k275, the Brainwavz round 100 mm pads gave a better seal over my glasses which noticeably retained the preferable bass level. Without glasses the seal and the sound seemed identical.
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    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    Folks, I just posted a 4-star review of the K275. Hope its helpful.
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    Review by 'PDC3' on item 'AKG K275 Over-ear'

    The AKG K275 will cheerfully perform in more use-cases than AKG will suggest. Early comments on this AKG K275 were largely welcoming to this 50 mm dynamic closed-back headphone, featuring folding hinges for relative portability given the big circumaural pads. As a fan of my AKG Q701 that uses...
  22. AKG K275 Over-ear

    AKG K275 Over-ear

    "When you’re serious about editing and mixing your music, you’re looking for more than thumping bass in your headphones, you need nuanced low frequencies. The K275 offer 50mm transducers—the largest in their class—to create greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. This...
  23. PDC3

    New AKG headphones K175, K245, K275

    I’ve got the k275 on pre order from Sweetwater. They have no firm date from AKG/HARMON/SAMSUNG as to when they’ll arrive. I’m giving them till February.
  24. PDC3

    OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

    No, the opposite (apologize for confusing you). The blue light means the Oppo is SUPPLYING (or trying to supply) its battery power to something that OUGHT to be connected to its (large-ish) USB-A port (not the mini USB-B port you're using to cable from your computer to the Oppo). So you want...