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    Latest HF fraud: I GOT SCAMMED! Everybody read, please.

    Quote: Originally Posted by zhix i just got a refund from the ORIGINAL payment which i made to qspeedss but i am not rejoicing until the funds are safety in my account. I have also refunded qspeedss the 2nd payment (NOT Refund) which he sent to me earlier, which has the fees and is...
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    Latest HF fraud: I GOT SCAMMED! Everybody read, please.

    You're right evilking. Quote: Dear xxxxxxxx, We have conducted a review of a payment that you received. In this case, returning the funds to the sender was determined to be the appropriate action, and we have completed a reversal of the payment. Good selling practices like trackable...
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    Latest HF fraud: I GOT SCAMMED! Everybody read, please.

    I got the same thing from PayPal. Quote: Dear xxxxxxx, It has come to our attention that you may be the recipient of potentially unauthorized funds. We have initiated an investigation into this event. In the meantime, we have placed a temporary hold on the funds in question until the...
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    Latest HF fraud: I GOT SCAMMED! Everybody read, please.

    My situation has been resolved too. I was paid back my money for the Grado SR325i he had listed. I was just about to open a PayPal dispute against him. I got the same explanation from Q about his account being hacked. However I don't believe him, but I got my money back so I'll leave this...
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    Help with upgrade

    Check out the Goldring DR150. However I have never heard it but I am very intrigued by the impressions thread that it has. Check that out.
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    My 8 year old loves my modded 580s

    Great looking headphones. I'm loving that everything is black. I've been tempted to paint the HD580 headband black to make everything black but it looks like I can just use a beyer dt770 headband to complete the black look. That is a dt770 headband, right?
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    Headcoverage Woodie vs Liberator?

    Quote: Originally Posted by renugaid What do you mean? Just taping them together? Yeah you can just tape them together. Or you can just put them together with no adhesive because the clamp from the headband will keep them together. Bowls pretty much do what Liberators do...
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    Headcoverage Woodie vs Liberator?

    Try two bowl pads together. It will be very similar to the Liberators.
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    Denon D1000 (D1001) vs. Grado Alessandro MS1

    Do you want something closed or open? If open, get the MS1.
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    What has GRADO done to me?

    My first real headphone was the SR80 and ever since then I became a Grado-boy. When I use my HD580, I think about my Grados. However, I do love my HD580 for jazz and classical but for everything else Grado does it for me.
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    New pair of cans There's a picture of the two and a review.
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    Headphone amp for around 50 bucks

    Check out the huge portable amp review thread. However most will be out of your budget. A few will be in your budget and a used Mini^3 will be the best one.
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    Grado SR60 vs Sennheiser HD485

    If you stretch the headband a little bit it will alleviate most of the discomfort. I can wear my MS2 for a few hours with no discomfort, although I never wore them for up to 7-8 hours like the OP would want to. And the MS2 is heavier than the SR60. The comfort is really hit or miss with people.
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    Something different than the Sennheisers?

    Go for a Grado if you want a very different sound from the Sennheiser line.
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    Alessandro MS2i retailers... where?

    I believe Alessandro is the only authorized dealer of the Alessandro series. However you can try the FS section for a used pair. I know Headphonic sells it also but I never purchased from there.
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    Best Ripper For Non-Expert

    I haven't used EAC in a very long time but it is the most accurate of all the rippers you listed. I don't know easy it would be to set it up to rip into FLAC because I ripped my CDs to mp3.
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    i can't make threads on the 'for sale' section, any help?
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    I have bad luck with headphones (breaking)

    You can fix the D2000s easily from what I have read. I use to own the D2000 but traded it and it has been reported a few times that the earcup falls off even when the headphone is taken care of well. Maybe someone with experience on how to fix it will chime in or you can just do a search.
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    The lowest (regular) gasoline prices that you've ever seen in the USA? - What are the gasoline prices in your area now?

    Quote: Originally Posted by RedLeader You americans have it nice. We have more natural oil in Canada and we're paying close to $6/gallon. Quit your bellyaching! I remember 40c/l gas back when I lived in Montreal Well it requites a lot of energy to extract the oil from the sands.
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    Best un-amped portable-sourced 'phones?

    Probably want to look at a used Grado SR225.
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    The lowest (regular) gasoline prices that you've ever seen in the USA? - What are the gasoline prices in your area now?

    Looking at the Energy Information Administration's data on petroleum prices, we are only paying the real price for gasoline. Before, we were paying way below the real price. EIA - Short-Term Energy Outlook - Real Petroleum Prices
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    MS-2 (MS-2i) appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kuba Are the MS2s vegan (no leather parts)? the headband is leather