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  1. freeone-j

    Playaz N1

    Great find, Thomas has some new design phones TD100 that look like Monster Turbines (wonder how they sound?).
  2. freeone-j

    Playaz N1

    James444 how is the Iso on the AR100, N1, and Sonia (sorry if this have been covered). Also I have a pair of N3s and I love thier Sig.. Are you saying the 3 above sound better?
  3. freeone-j

    Earbuds for work: non-isolating, zero leak

    Next time you may want to try JVC FX500, sorrry for the late reply.
  4. freeone-j

    Vacation Announcement

    E-mails are O.K, but the Forum is off limits. This place is too addicting (for me at least) LOL. Enjoy and hurry back, there is business here waiting!
  5. freeone-j

    Hello Head-Fi! Phiaton offers you free gear!

    Well it looks like you got the looks and material parts down! So only thing left is SQ (nuetral, balanced, accurate, dynamic, and the ability to listen for hours without fatigue.
  6. freeone-j

    ROCCO - hisoundaudio new DAP

    Craig, are there any known issues with the Rocco, and if these are on the market in other places (in the world) what is the hold up here in the US?
  7. freeone-j

    Head fi Law???

    O.K I would like to know the law (rules) concerning buying and selling. Is it against the rules to purchase a product (in the For Sale Forum) at a bargain price, and then sell product for a profit. Also how should I handle a similar situation.Thanks in advance for all replies! freeone-j
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    Those who waiting Xin amp, post and get your date of arrival !

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jaw007 If this thread dies,then however many post one has made on this thread will be subtracted from your total post.This happened to me and they subtracted several hundred post from my total.Once had about 1800 posts now less than 1400 post.What a rip off...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by sbulack Help us out with a little more information about what you are looking for in a player. What about the Pro.1 relative to the Pro.2 that you know of has you thinking that the Pro.1 may be a better option? I own both, and here are the strong points I...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by fatman My suggestion is to hold on just for few days, For Craig's forum said Hisound are going to release 5 new models very soon. I hope all the new models will be improved with every aspects. Thanks fatman, that saves me a little money. Can't wait for...
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    O.K back to the AMP3,I was going to try and purchase a Pro2, then realized that maybe the Pro1 is a better option. Can the community help me with the Pros and Cons of this question? Thanks for you help in advance. Freeone-j
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    When I hear HF-2, I think of Grados.
  13. freeone-j

    Amp3 Pro2 and the STUDIO

    It is actually not that far from the AMP3, just changed the controls, display cover, and case doesn't seem to have screws.
  14. freeone-j

    Amp3 Pro2 and the STUDIO

    Got this via e-mail, looks like a work of art.
  15. freeone-j

    Monster Turbine Pro Anyone?

    Where is the best place to purchase these (MTPG or C)?
  16. freeone-j

    Klipsch Image X5 Appreciation Thread

    I'm a huge fan and I've been saying that these are Giant Killers for a while! Here---> Giant Killer!!!.
  17. freeone-j

    Help! Which IEM has more detail & clarity w/ good bass and comfortable

    Quote: Originally Posted by mythless You could always try some Audio Technica's IEMs such as the CK10, CK100 or the phiaton PS200 What about the RE-0s, are they truly the great "bang for the buck!" IEMS?
  18. freeone-j

    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio - From Russia, with love.

    Click (Translate this page), on the first link here----->link. A few consumers give you their impressions. Looks like the Eterna would work great w/my D2. BTW "How do you like the Russian Head-Fi forum?" very cool
  19. freeone-j

    Welcome to the Meelectronics M11 and R1

    Anyone has info. on the wooden R1's?
  20. freeone-j

    Monster Turbine recable??

    Love my Turbines but I have a short in my cable, at the straight plug.. Has anyone attempted to recable the Turbines? How does a large Co. come out w/great drivers and bad cables? This is the type of thing that gives Monster a bad rep..
  21. freeone-j

    Monster Turbine Pro

    Yes, I like my Monsters alot but for $250 and the name Pro, the cable and straight plug got to go away.