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  1. Chgm

    Audeze LCD-X

    some eletronic and soundstracks would be nice, 
  2. Chgm

    Audeze LCD-X

    the lcd 2 will be equipped too with the fazor ?
  3. Chgm

    Reply to review by 'chgm' on item 'Audeze LCD-X'

    which amps do you use with lcd x ? which do you like most ?
  4. Chgm

    LCD-2 rev2 vs LCD-3 with lower quality music (but lossless)

    i have a question the MJ is unforgiving with mainstream record like eletronica and etc? and another question use the MJ with the bifrost and not the Gungnir is a downgrade with the setup and sorry this is a bit offtopic i know
  5. Chgm

    Schiit Mjolnir, Burson HA-160D, or Violectric V100

    45longcolt can you do a comparision of your setup between the bifrost and gungnir ? 
  6. Chgm

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    someone here tried the lcd 2 with the hifiman EF5? if yes how the pairing is compared to yours other amps ?thanks
  7. Chgm

    hifiman EF5 or schiit lyr for the audez'e lcd 2 and hifiman he500

    hey,i will get the he 500 in the xmas and ''closed'' lcd 2(when it release) but for now i will buy a setup to use with the both and i want know which one will have great results with the both cans   i will buy the audio gd nfb 3.2 for the dac, for use with one of this amps its a great choice...
  8. Chgm

    Reply to review by 'chgm' on item 'ALO Audio The Pan Am'

    thanks really nice review
  9. Chgm

    What does everyone want for christmas?

     what i want is nothing special .maybe a stax sr 009 with the woo wes or the sennheiser orpheus with the headamp aristeus
  10. Chgm

    Review Decware Taboo. An Amazing Achievment

    anyone here tried the lcd 2 with the taboo with mainstream eletronica like skrillex and david guetta or rock like offspring and nickelback?
  11. Chgm

    Music Game IX

    ''Senjo Wine'' - Acoustic Alchemic
  12. Chgm

    Reply to review by 'chgm' on item 'Bottlehead Crack OTL'

    how much is the builded version?
  13. Chgm

    The Weirdest Product Comparison Ever... Schiit Lyr vs. ALO Audio Rx MK3

    anyone here have compared the lyr with pan am  amping the lcd 2 ?thanks
  14. Chgm

    Audeze closed-back prototypes! Yeah, this is one of the headphones at the top of my wish list.

    çhey and about the comfort any improvement over the lcd 2 rev 2 (because in the photo the pads is similar to the lcd 3 pads )?
  15. Chgm

    Comment by 'Chgm' in article 'Comparisons of the LCD-3 and the LCD-2 Rev. 2'

    did you try he lcd 2 or 3 with schiit mjlonir?if yes how they compared to the wa22 ?thanks and nice review specialy of the 2 revision of the lcd 2
  16. Chgm

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    thanks paradoxper i will enjoy this journey so much and thanks for the advices again,when i buy the lcd 2 and the amp i will post my impressions
  17. Chgm

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    yes,i think the same but i have to try the lcd 2 with lower quality amp like lyr or even the pan am,save money and upgrade for the mjolnir or even the coming schiit,audiophile hobby is just addictive and expensive :)
  18. Chgm

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    thanks,but if my budget cant afford the mjolnir the lyr is good enough to delivery 80 % of the lcd 2 ?thanks again
  19. Chgm

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    thanks for the help guys,in a near future i will buy the mjolnir  and the ''closed'' lcd 2. and for the cables a toxic cables for the lcd 2 and dimarzio for the interconnets is a good choice ?thanks
  20. Chgm

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    sorry for the english i am brazilian and i am not so good with the english,but i will try to be more clear this time, the tube rolling on the lyr is a must?and the synergy with lcd 3 is much better than with the lcd 3?and anyone here try the burson soloist or the alo pan am with the lcd 2 or 3...
  21. Chgm

    Schiit LYR + LCD-2

    i am wanting to the new audeze lcd 2 because my house hhave much noise to use a open headphone,and i want to know how is the lyr compared to mjonir amping the lcd 2 ?worth the 900 dollars plus?thanks and subscribed
  22. Chgm

    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    please help me for amping the lcd 2 which is better the alo audio pan am or the schiit lyr or the burson soloist?(sound quality is the only concern,and the lyr vs the mjonir have a big improvement?thanks and sorry for the english
  23. Chgm

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    thanks palchiu,its nice to hear this,but anyone have tried or even compared the pan with lyr?
  24. Chgm

    Schiit Mjolnir headphone amplifier

    anyone here did compare the mjolnir drive the lcd 2 aganist the schiit lyr or even the alo audio pan am?thanks