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  1. TheBigDu

    Toshiba Gigabeat, MS ZUNE and Zen Vision M.

    I don't have a ton of experience with the Zunes, but I have had a Zen V: M 30GB since Christmas and I've been less than pleased. My former unit is an iRiver iHP-120, and the iRiver beats the Zen in every category except screen and video capabilities. I'm now planning on selling my Zen and...
  2. TheBigDu

    best mp3 player ? (regarding SQ only)

    From somebody who has much less experience with DAPs than you guys and hasn't really posted here in several years, let me share my limited experiences: I've had an H-120 for over 3 years now. The only reason I got it back then was because it basically had every possible feature out there when...
  3. TheBigDu

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by manoftranquility Another extremely happy westone customer, I've had the UM1's for a couple of days now and after getting a good seal and depth(took about half an hour but its like riding a bike, get it once and its easy) plus just a touch of EQing they sound...
  4. TheBigDu

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    Well after cutting the triflanges to be biflanges, I can definitely say that the muddled mids and highs I was experiencing are gone. These things sound very good now. They're not quite as comfortable and definitely don't seal as well as the complys, but the sound enhancement is worth it.
  5. TheBigDu

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by K2Grey When you convert it to a biflange, you cut off the smallest flange. Cool. So what are the benefits other than less protrusion out of the ear? Thanks.
  6. TheBigDu

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    I've just gotten some UM-1s. I found the treble and mids to be slightly lacking, so I tried out the tri-flanges. This seems to fix the problem, but now I think some bass is gone. What's the biflange modification I keep reading about? Do I just cut off the bottom (large) flange? Will this add...
  7. TheBigDu

    Need a pair of Portable -phones ASAP! Eggos, IEMs, $100 dollar limit!

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I posted, and luckily this thread covers almost exactly what I was going to ask. So I hope you don't mind if I whore it just a tad... I was settled on the Ety ER-6i before reading this thread. I've never heard of the Westones before, but now I'm curious...
  8. TheBigDu

    Cheap Closed Cans Needed: DT 231 or HD 212?

    Hey all, Sorry to correct you, but the DT 231 is not made by Sennheiser, it's made by Beyerdynamic. Furthermore, it is not closed at all (well, okay, a little bit). I bought a pair for my dorm-room computer earlier this year. The sound was pretty impressive (though slightly bass-lacking), but...
  9. TheBigDu

    Output Problems with Chaintech AV710

    yeah, i'm on an admin. account. thanks for the help. I'm going to remove both the Chaintech and my Audigy 1 (which is running with kx drivers). Then I'm going to make sure both cards' drivers are uninstalled completely (and folders). Then I'm going to put the chaintech back in, in a different...
  10. TheBigDu

    Output Problems with Chaintech AV710

    Yeah, no matter what I try, I can't get the green (line-out) output to work anymore. And with the old drivers, the hi-rez mode, when on, doesn't even work coming out of the rear output. You say I may have "hosed" my system, which is very possible, but how can I fix this problem? I tried...
  11. TheBigDu

    Output Problems with Chaintech AV710

    that old set of drivers didn't work at all, since the only output working on my card anymore is the 2-channel hi-res mode using the rear output as front, and the old drivers didn't have this option. Anyway, I can deal with having only one output if VIA would come out with drivers that...
  12. TheBigDu

    Output Problems with Chaintech AV710

    thanks, can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the older drivers that didn't have this problem? I have driver bui. Thanks.
  13. TheBigDu

    Output Problems with Chaintech AV710

    bump... And, now it's gotten so bad, that even in 2-channel hi-res mode, the master volume control does not affect the left channel, only the right, even though the vinyl audiodeck shows both thinks being turned down/up. This is getting annoying, I really hope my card didn't just turn...
  14. TheBigDu

    Output Problems with Chaintech AV710

    When I first got this card a few weeks back, the front (green) speaker output worked fine. Then I turned on the 2-channel high-sampling feature, and switched my speakers to the rear channel (next to the digital output). Now, no matter what I try, I can't seem to get the green output to work...
  15. TheBigDu

    Splitting Two Channels

    Hey all, I have the Chaintech AV710 and I'm trying to do the following: I would like to have the same output coming from two jacks on the card so that I can have my stereo (not 5.1 or above) audio files played through four speakers instead of only two. I know that if I use the Kx mixers on...
  16. TheBigDu

    Chaintech AV710 really an improvement?

    Hey guys, Maybe it's just the combination of software/file-type I'm using, but I don't notice an improvement over the SB Audigy 1. I'm listening to all 128-192kbs mp3's, ripped directly from CD. I'm using WMP without the equalizer on. The card sounds good, but I don't know that it...
  17. TheBigDu

    Is it the right time for iHP-120?

    Quote: Originally Posted by pomegranate Will you really use all the features? Good point there. I got mine partly because I liked the fact that I would have these features (recording/FM radio/LCD remote/optical out) available, but to be honest, I really haven't used them yet. But...
  18. TheBigDu

    Get those RS foamies free!

    I feel left out because I'm stuck here at college for another week and I have no car, but I really want to get a $6.00 adapter for $1.00. Too bad this thing runs out on 5/7 and that they don't take it online.
  19. TheBigDu

    A500 questions

    Hmmmm...haven't noticed that with mine, I'd say either Bolt San or Lindrone, or a combination there-of, is right. But you said there were a few things you were dissatisfied with? What were the others?
  20. TheBigDu

    Been doin a little shoppin...

    I have ATH-A500... I think they're really comfy and they even fit completely over (do not touch at all) my ears, which are probably a bit on the large side. I've very happy with these phones.
  21. TheBigDu

    Chaintech Installation (QUICK HELP NEEDED)

    Windows XP. Which dDrivers are you talking about? I just put in the CD and installed the VIA Envy driver and rebooted my system. That was it. BTW, I have sound now for some reason, just started working I guess. And what do you mean by Audiodeck? I went into the windows volume control...
  22. TheBigDu

    Chaintech Installation (QUICK HELP NEEDED)

    Hey all, I am currently trying to install my AV710 and am having some problems. I don't know if it's me being a moron or a legitimate problem. But here's what I did: Before I even put the card in, I did the mod that Steponovich suggested (switch jumpers under U14 chip). One thing I did...
  23. TheBigDu

    Eh... I have returned for more.

    While I love my A500s, I can't deny that they are huge and do not fold in any way/shape/form. Furthermore, they wire-holder things up top are of questionable durability. Let's just say these things definitely are not portable.
  24. TheBigDu

    "Best" audio player for Windows - ??

    Well, here's the full deal... I ordered a Chaintech AV710 the other day, should be here tomorrow or on Thursday. So that's step 1. Next is that I'm using iTunes right now, which I like for its layout (large, neatly organized display of music collection). However, I'm sure there is better...