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  1. 34cupablanca

    Studying/Reading to Music

    When I study hardcore textbooks where I have to think a lot, work stuff out, sometimes read it aloud to try and remember/understand it, I like as much quiet as possible. Even a TV in the other room can be too much. Sometimes I'll just wear my sony noise cancelling in-ear buds to try and take...
  2. 34cupablanca


    i drink sencha, shincha and sometimes macha Japanese green tea from who have their own tea farm in japan.    the tea quality is the best i've had, not found anything else like it and i've drank green tea for about 10 years. they also sell cups, pots etc. 
  3. 34cupablanca

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Oro - Gente de Zona Final Fantasy piano collection 12 / XII, 13/XIII
  4. 34cupablanca

    Sound Card Help

    I thought you'd already bought the one you linked. I own an Asus d2x sound card, it has phono ou, recommend it.
  5. 34cupablanca

    Sound Card Help

    Is there no option in the software or audio properties that let you choose it as 5.1 surround sound output? Could be with supplied software or failing that in the Windows audio playback options. 
  6. 34cupablanca

    What song drops the deepest bass?

    If you can give it enough volume and if your speakers can handle the lows, "rhythm and stealth" album by leftfield. or Mezzanine by Massive Attack. Many a time a few years back I would play "Karmacoma" very loud in my room. Had a great pair of Tannoys that could handle the bass. The room was a...
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Xigmatek asgard case Gelid tranquilo cpu fan Corsair psu Wd raptor hd 120gb and other 500gb 7200rpm. Asus xonar sound card Nvidia low profile graphics card Asus motherboard with 8gb ram Intel i5 2500k cpu Front panel with usb3,e sata, card readers. Firewire pci adaptor Scythe gentle typhoon and...
  8. 34cupablanca

    Linux users unite!

    I use Mint a lot, it's very good, although my fave is Fedora. 
  9. 34cupablanca

    Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life from cycling, etc.

    Yeah he did other things that were bad, but he knows it was wrong and apologised for that, at least. The fact is, he did a lot of good with his Livestrong foundation and the work for cancer.    I stopped liking cycling a few years ago, as I knew it's not a fair sport. Lance Armstrong is the...
  10. 34cupablanca

    Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life from cycling, etc.

    Armstrong is just one of hundreds. I am just glad that an American had the balls to go public and admit it on TV and said that he did it and admit it's wrong. Most low key riders just get banned for a few months or a year then go back to riding, when they get caught.    Look at Contador for...
  11. 34cupablanca

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    I have a Fender American stratocaster in tobacco sunburst, which has a Seymour Duncan hot rail in the bridge, similar to how Tom morello has it. My newest purchase is an Epiphone sg, cherry red fitted with Seymour Duncan humbucker set, jb and jazz pickups. That is my main guitar at the moment...
  12. 34cupablanca

    NHL Hockey 2013

    This reminds me to buy the membership online so I can watch it. I live in the UK but love NHL, support the Blackhawks.
  13. 34cupablanca

    Need Advice: Dress Shoes for Interviews, Cost no Object

    What I mean is, paying a lot of money/too much because of the name on it, when everything else is the same or more or less the same from a less fashionable name. Function is important and besides I dislike the look of the straps, I can't imagine they are as easy to deal with as laces.
  14. 34cupablanca

    Best antivirus for Windows 7?

    Recently read a comparison and bitdefender was 1st, eset is a good one too. Although both are paid. Avg is free and cheap, although not as good as eset or bit defender, from the comparisons I've seen.
  15. 34cupablanca

    What book are you reading right now?

    Tracking bodhidharma, Dance of dragons,
  16. 34cupablanca

    Need Advice: Dress Shoes for Interviews, Cost no Object

    Saw the Allen Edmonds with the straps pic on here, hideous shoes. A pair of brown Oxfords, nothing over expensive unless you have a thing for fashion.