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  1. Slash47

    What is the minimum limit of equipment to clearly distinguish FLAC and 320k MP3 (or AAC)?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chef Superhuman hearing. You can't buy the ability to hear the difference between lossless and a format that high. Also, it's not that low quality equipment won't reproduce artifacts in a bad encoding, it's that low quality equipment will create it's own...
  2. Slash47

    "Invasion" of chinese products on ebay (DAC, amp etc)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Landis I like think the HE-5s do look quite nice and classy. Hmmmm.... I dunno. They're nice, but 'nothing special' still applies for me. If they'd just go that tiny bit further detail wise, just a tad... Look at the stitching for example. And...
  3. Slash47

    "Invasion" of chinese products on ebay (DAC, amp etc)

    The problem I have is that I haven's seen a single design from China that looks good. It's always very tacky and cheap looking. I want something classy! I'd like to be wrong and if someone has an example of something that proves it, please share!
  4. Slash47

    Best $500 Tube amp for K702

    I enjoyed my Elekit with my former K701. It's transformer coupled, which is a pro and it's nice warm and smooth if you get the 396 tubes. But if you like your music LOUD, it's a bad pick.
  5. Slash47

    Strange things happening to me (music related DAC / Computer question)

    Quote: Originally Posted by DavidMahler once about every 20/30 minutes when I'm listening to my music on my rig (which uses a iMac running iTunes (Front Row), and a my MSB Platinum DAC connected via toslink, the music skips ahead like a 10th of a second. Let me rephrase just incase...
  6. Slash47

    What is "sound quality"?

    English isn't my native language, but isn't sound quality how you, uhm, qualify sound? That makes it entirely subjective. Fidelity is a separate issue. While it usually improves sound quality, it doesn't define it, because then you'd quantify sound instead of qualify it. Right?
  7. Slash47

    inglourious basterds, how is this nominated for an oscar?

    I liked it. Some scenes were pretty well made and Christoph Waltz deserves actor of the year. Why do you think it's bad?
  8. Slash47

    V-DAC vast improvement over Zhaolu D2.5A?

    V-DAC is overhyped. It's onboard sound with a lot of added warmth. That's it. No depth, no detail, no dynamics, no width. Probably because it has a crappy PSU and a lot of cheap junk in the signal path. Still, pretty good value I guess.
  9. Slash47

    6 Moon Audio reviews: Good/not good?

    When a reviewer loves a product he reviews, he usually wants to keep it. (It's usually their hobby, after all.) Quite often they make a deal where they trade ad space for the product. Also, it's quite logical you buy banner space at a website that has nice things to say about your product. I...
  10. Slash47

    What's in a McDonald's hamburger?

    Of course food won't 'fix' people, that'd be a silly thing to say. But physically (not mentally or genetically!) you are what you eat.
  11. Slash47

    What's in a McDonald's hamburger?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chadbang There's also the price factor. Sure, we'd all love to eat organically raised kobe beef or hand-fed baby lamb chops braised in extra virgin olive oil and truffles. But lets get real. The average american can hardly pay his mortgage. And fast food is...
  12. Slash47

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm still a bit iffy about using used pads in the first place. It has a used socks kind of vibe to it... Oh well The T1 was added to their order for mastering and mostly used when working overtime, or so I'm told. I've ordered mine directly from Beyer. I don't think...
  13. Slash47

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    I work in studio's from time to time and one of 'm had one. They have good connections with Beyer, they also use lots of their other stuff. But no DT48's, come to think of it (It was here in Hilversum.) And thanks for the comments kool bubba ice. I think I'll bid for a K500 and order a DT48E...
  14. Slash47

    Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1

    I listened to the T1!!!1! WHAAAA I can't wait... I've heard them! Best dynamic I've heard so far... (incl. Ed8 and HD800, no K1000) My HD595 are so crap right now you guys, seriously (Nobody in the real world understands my excitement, so I'd thought I'd pollute this thread. Sorry.)
  15. Slash47

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drosera Pfff, what is it with people and their unwillingness to spend some time reading!? ... Of course, you actually should just get both, because that is the proper head-fi way. I might, thanks. And I know what you mean about reading...
  16. Slash47

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    I ordered some T1's, but I'd like something affordable and durable on the side for a different flavor every now and again. It would be great if this 'phone would excel at baroque music. I have a lot of very good recordings, both on vinyl and on cd. I don't care about bass too much with...
  17. Slash47

    Low-Power High-Performance System

    Yes, else I wouldn't say what I did.
  18. Slash47

    Low-Power High-Performance System

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hybrys Wut? Two things about this, why would a RAM partition be used? And a SSD for booting/OS/programs makes no sense on a low end system such as this. Why would you recommend a netbook for someone that wants to do light graphical work? Unless you mean an...
  19. Slash47

    Low-Power High-Performance System

    Aha, so you'll be using part of the 4Gb as a RAM partition? Wouldn't it be wise to implement a single internal HD to 'store' the RAM and hold the OS? A 40Gb Intel X25-M G2 would be ideal if you disable some space consuming OS features. 'High-performance' is inaccurate, however. This system...
  20. Slash47

    Low-Power High-Performance System

    Your idea is basically a modular pc? Why are you calling it 'high performance'? I don't understand the appeal of this particular configuration. (BTW an Atom board doesn't need 4Gb, ever. And WD GP's would be plenty fast and consume less power. And 1 or 1,5Tb drives would give more Gb/$ I...
  21. Slash47

    DAC for ATH-AD900's

    In this pricerange the onboard optical is fine... Don't worry about it. And I don't like the STX. It has whiny trebles and no depth.
  22. Slash47

    are most headamps overpriced CMoy's?

    Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry so, is that another pimped CMoy? Violectric by Lake People a killer PSU section, a dual mono design, 2 opamps....and it's $600 No, it's a Pimeta (PIMETA v2 Headphone Amplifier)
  23. Slash47

    k701 vs dt880

    Quote: Originally Posted by kayaker3057 What about udac to LD II or III to either of these headphones? Slash: have you personally tried the udac with your 701's? Just curious. Yes.