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    Official Goldring DR150 Impressions Thread

    Sad to say, but I think Goldring may have bowed out of the headphone game. Their UK website no longer has a headphone section. You can still get to individual products via Google but I think they're just vestigial pages that haven't been culled yet. At the moment I can't see any new DR50s...
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    Jon Gomm - Acoustic guitar virtuoso / singer / songwriter full gig online

    Well, Jon's finally gone viral.  One of the best guitarists I've ever seen and a fantastic musician and songwriter.  Over a million youtube hits and counting, plus a couple of well known musicians and celebrities (Andy McKee, Stephen Fry, David Crosby) have started pointing people in his...
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    Goldring NS1000 Noise Reduction Headphones.

      OK - you have to be careful about amp choice for NS1000s! I'M SERIOUS!   Just been testing them with a borrowed Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 with upgraded PSU, caps, tubes etc.  This is a heck of an amp: a few hundred quid's worth of amp.  With DT770 Pro or HD600s it sounds brilliant.    ...
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    Auzen X-FI Bravura or Creative Titanium HD?

    Bravura is not actually a 'full X-Fi'.  It's like a very high spec version of Creative's Xtreme Audio, which is effectively a rebranded Audigy SE.   In practice, this will make little difference unless you are a gamer, in which case the Forte has markedly superior audio processing...
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    I have found the holy grail of bass.

    I'll add that not all headphone bassheads are going to like Dolby Headphone.  Lots of bassheads want an ear massage and it reduces that somewhat.   For speaker favouring bassheads though, it can be the next best thing to floorstanders and a sub.    The whole-body tactile feedback is, of...
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    I have found the holy grail of bass.

    Dolby Headphone is incredible for bass soundstage in music, convincingly rendering it remote from the listener in a very speaker like manner. You have to have the right headphones for it though. I've tried lots of headphones with Dolby Headphone and few are really convincing, especially with...
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    Quest for Holy Grail of gaming sound!

    Just thought it's worth a mention: some here (including me) have claimed that Dolby Headphone isn't HRTF based. That's not strictly true - it just doesn't require custom HRTF measurements to work. Dolby do, however, claim to 'recreate the HRTF' of listening to a 5.1 system. See here...
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    Asus Xonar DG

    Have you tried plugging the headphones into the back of the card?  Front panel audio is notorious for picking up interference due to lack of shielding or grounding issues.  The problem could essentially be down to your case rather than the soundcard.   What headphones are you using with them...
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    Why don't they make active headphones?

    All Active Noise Cancellation headphones are also active in the sense that you mean, in that they have an onboard amp.  They all only have battery powered amps though and usually no EQ.
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    Bose Quiet Comfort 15 (QC15): Impressive noise cancellation

    There's a comparison article reprinted here from What Hi-Fi Australia comparing Bose QC15, Goldring NS1000, Senn PXC450 and Monster Beats:,mini-roundup-4-noise-cancelling-headphones.aspx   Personally, I own the Goldring NS1000s and love them.  Not...
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    Headphones [gaming/movies] for Asus Xonar DG soundcard

    Sorry. I assumed you were in the UK from the link you posted. Superficial sells the NS1000s on amazon for £60. Do they deliver to Greece?
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    Headphones [gaming/movies] for Asus Xonar DG soundcard   Goldring NS1000.  I've not heard better for under £140 (save when I got HD600s for...
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    HPs for FPS (+ dolby headphone). RX700/900,CAL!, DR-150, HD555...

    Well I've owned Goldring DR150 and Creative Aurvana Live!  Also have the JVC HA-RX700.   I do most of my gaming with Dolby Headphone, which will affect my opinion.  When using Dolby Headphone a small, neutral soundstage is actually beneficial (as Dolby Headphone includes soundstage cues)...
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    I only have the one toddler so still have a little free time left.  Considerably less time spent paying attention to things like whisky and headphones since he was born though .   I have a recent bottle of quarter cask and it's very nice but I wouln't call it spectacular, which is what some...
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    Quote: You're sure you're not getting 10yo Cask Strength mixed up with Quarter Cask?  I'd never heard of Quarter Cask 10yo and I've been following Islay releases fairly closely for the last few years.   There are some fantastic NAS peated whiskies.  Ardbeg Uigeadail and Corryvreckan...
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    It's been quite a day. Wee Dram Fest - Bakewell, England. £16. 5 Hours. 110 different whiskies - mostly single malts (no I didn't try them all and there was some spitting involved as well as drinking otherwise I'd be utterly hammered and everything would have tasted brilliant after the first...
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    Replacing ATH-ANC7's (Audio-technica NC headphones); need suggestions

    Quote: I find them very comfortable.  However - the ergonomics appear very similar to ANC7s.  The Goldrings have the same issue regarding noise cancelling off and bass.  However it's tidied up a lot with suitable amplification.  I take it you realise that the ANR circuitry acts as a built...
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    Replacing ATH-ANC7's (Audio-technica NC headphones); need suggestions

    Did you particularly like the ANC7s?  How about ANC7b?   The Goldring NS1000 are very similar.  They're made by the same OEM as the ANC7 and are a very similar design.  I wouldn't recommend anything open - so that gets rid of HD595 and HD555.
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    Just getting in some practice for the Wee Dram Fest (Bakewell, England) on Saturday.   £16 (but sold out now).  Free tasting glass to keep.  11am to 4pm.  As many whiskies as you could care to try in the time available.   Last year was awesome.  Tail end of the day and they weren't being...
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    Goldring DR100

    Doesn't sound like my old DR100s.  What are you amping them with?
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    auzen x-fi prelude replacement

    I'm using recent DanielK drivers with my Prelude in Windows 7.  The card is an utter pleasure to listen to and has been pretty much problem free in W7 since installing the DanielK drivers.  I initially installed them as CMSS-3D wasn't working in W7 but I understand that's been rectified in the...
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    MyEars beta - Custom HRTF surround wrapper for any PC sound device

    I do think it has potential for gaming. After some more music listening I think it's a no-go. It loses a fair bit of clarity compared to Dolby Headphone and the soundstage depth info is too stretched. I don't really like the vocal colouring either. I calibrated using Goldring DR150s but got...
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    MyEars beta - Custom HRTF surround wrapper for any PC sound device   Something for you all to have a play with.  At the moment it's a free beta.  It will become a subscription service from September if I understand all the readmes   Basically put on your headphones, do some calibration tests and it lets you download a driver...
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    Asus Xonar DG

    Think I'm going to have to disagree. With the right headphones, Dolby Headphone can be stunning. To get it on a card with a headphone amp built in is just superb value. If the sound quality is even close to the rest of the Xonar range this will be an absolute steal. Look at how much the...
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    Asus Xonar DG

    DS3D-GX is directsound emulation not just EAX. It's basically essential if you don't want to be restricted to stereo, software based sound for many pre-Vista games. Think of it as equivalent to Creative's Alchemy. It's the same software that's on every.other Xonar (via driver updates for...