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  1. shavala

    Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

    I have been away from music listening for some time. The consequences of working in a high stress high tech position that is ever-changing. I picked up these at the local Costco. The first few hours, I considered returning them, then they loosened up a bit. Wow. I really like these closed...
  2. shavala

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Anita O'Day   Anita O'Day 1940-1945   Early morning with my new AKG K240S
  3. shavala

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Listening to Terminator 2 with marantz 22115B as amplifier. Using a Fiio E10 as a passthru from my laptop.    Using mod'd headphone pads from a Crooks and Castle headphone set.   Have the TBSE set.   Got both at Tuesday morning,    Cooks and castles were 18.00 with a wooden box...
  4. shavala

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Old man discovering GREEN DAY today with my SR325is with Gcush  
  5. shavala

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Please delete..
  6. shavala

    Portland Area Head-fi Meet: Echo Audio - 03/02/13

    Hello headfi cohorts!   I wish I could be there, but have to much work going on.   I'll be wearing my grado 325is with Gcush rockin to Bea Wain (well not really rockin but that 40's brooklyn accent does wonders for statistical analysis...for some reason) while youall are having fun...
  7. shavala

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Long time Grado Fan.   I have had my SR325is for a few years now. I never really got into using them that much. The sound is terrific, I think it is the comfort factor that gets to me.   Ii used the regular pads it came with, matter of fact have gone through two pair while using my SR80...
  8. shavala

    What headphones are you wearing right now?

     Grado SR325is   Simple Minds   Don't you forget about me
  9. shavala

    The Audio Technica M50 studio monitor thread

    New Owner: Got one from Amazon. I'm a Grado fan that started on SR80i then went on to SR325is. I was very happy with the 80i because they sound so well at low volumes after about 100 hour burnin. I went with the 325 after a year or so and felt I'd moved up to a set where my equipment needed to...
  10. shavala

    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    Anything from Walgreens....
  11. shavala

    Suggestions on a new pair of headphones

    You may like a Fostex T50RP. I just picked one up. I am a grado fan and these are an obvious difference. They are very neutral and flat. They are very durable. They sound terrific with vocals. The price is fairly low, <100.00s that I have seen,
  12. shavala

    Blues & Jazz -- Best Headphones?

    Try calling Brooklyn again...I listen to mainly blues and jazz and vocals. My main headphone is Sr325is. They sound very dynamic and are terrific. I will likely go to RS1 in a few years.
  13. shavala

    grado jumbo/g-cushions questions.

    any feedback on this question? I was wondering too. Has anyone tried the large pad on any of the prestige series and compared them? I was interested in a pair for my SR325iS later this summer. Thanks!
  14. shavala

    Rattling in the left speaker can of my SR225i's

    Seems a lot is on the web about grattle and I picture lots of people with their mouths pressed against grados with their cheeks puffed out or in and possibly causing all sorts of mayhem. The resulting crackling is the result in many cases from what i've read. What kind of damage can results...
  15. shavala

    Rattling in the left speaker can of my SR225i's

    I've had my Sr325iS for about a month or so and usually listen at low volume. I developed a taste for Charles Mingus, thelonious Monk music lately. My set up is normally a Toshiba CD player Xr-P22. It is about 20 years old or so. It soundes terrific on these phones. I normally listen at level...
  16. shavala

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Originally Posted by kunalraiker I congratulate you on your purchase, they are amazing set of headphones aren't they I've had these now for several days, probably played them for about 30 hours or so. I initially had difficulty deciding between these and the SR225i...
  17. shavala

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Just received my set. I have #3310. It is pretty nice pulling out my old CD's from storage after all these years. I own klipsch heritage speakers starting with the forte 2, then sold those and listened to me La Scalas and heresy 2s for many years as well as my bozak Symphonies. we moved into a...
  18. shavala

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Originally Posted by maddin x2, one thing amongst others I really appreciate about my SR325i is that I listen with a low volume and enjoy it a lot. You don't need the volume turned up to get the energy and you have details... As for the comfort I have no problems - maybe my head...
  19. shavala

    Earbud opinions that sound like grado SR80s

    In pursuit of trying to find medium priced (100.00 or so) headphones that sound similar to my klipsch heritage line speakers (fortes, Heresy's, La Scalas) I found the Grado line to my liking. I ended up settling on the SR80's and have been happy for the past year or so. Recently I have been...