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    Portable Amp Recommendation

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am in the search for a portable amp and am seeking recommendations. I appreciate good sound although I can't say I have golden ears. Most of my music collection is in the iTunes plus format and with my ears, I could not differentiate the difference between...
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    Schiit Modi 2 Uber USB Power

    Hello everyone!   I'm sure this is somewhere, but I couldn't find it and I don't want someone else to make the same mistake that I did.  The Schiit Modi 2 Uber wall wart does NOT negate the need for a USB hub when plugged into an iPhone or iPod, etc.  I paid for the upgrade specifically so I...
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    JH Audio Owners in Seattle Area

    Hello fellow head-fiers!   I live in the Seattle/Bellevue and am looking to purchase a pair of JH13 or JH16.  Unfortunately Jerry Harvey doesn't have any demos he can sell me and I have a real hard time spending that kind of money without listening to them first.  If anyone in the area has a...
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    JH5 vs SE535 vs UM3X

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread to answer your question.  I did hear the demos and after shoving them into my head as hard as I could to create the best seal I could, I liked it enough to make the plunge.   I just got my JH5 yesterday and I will say they are super cool. ...
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    Are Grado's really that uncomfortable?

    They aren't uncomfortable, but they aren't comfortable either.  I compare them to seats in a movie theatre.  While you're watching the movie you really don't mind because you're watching something pretty epic (hopefully), but it isn't something you would want to sit on for the rest of your life...
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    First purchase. is it SE535, JH5, ... or Other?

    You won't be dissapointed.  I auditioned several IEMs before making my purchase and my first pair of "nice" IEMs were the Shure SE530.  They are an excellent headphone with silky smooth mids.  To this day I can't get my wife to listen to anything else.  However, I lost my pair a couple weeks ago...
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    JH5 vs SE535 vs UM3X

    Thank you for your responses!  The demos should be here and Tuesday, but it sounds like I'll be ordering a pair of JH5.  I got my ear impressions yesterday and they turned out really good.  I'm hoping I won't have to resend them for a refit.
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    JH5 vs SE535 vs UM3X

    Quote:   That is what my thoughts are too.  Not many people have heard them since they either go for the JH13/JH16 or they don't go custom at all.  I spoke with JH today and gave them my CC as a deposit and a little bit for the shipping.  They're shipping me their demo pair of JH5 before...
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    JH5 vs SE535 vs UM3X

    There are plenty of threads on the Se530 vs UM3X, but not much on the JH5.  Bump?
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    JH5 vs SE535 vs UM3X

    So here's the story. After a couple of years of listening to my Shure Se530 I left them on my return flight from NYC back to Seattle (some lucky SOB probably found them). With that said I need a new pair of IEMs. I do love how the 530s sounded but since I'm getting a new pair I figure I'd get...
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    Need some advice - should I buy SR60i?

    If money is no problem buy them. It's only $50. If you don't like them give them away or re-sell them.
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    Just bought Grado SR60's

    Quote: Originally Posted by Husky42 Is the notice primarily because my current set of cans are not broke in? Yes Quote: Originally Posted by Husky42 If that is the case is there a proper way to break them in? Listen to them. Seriously. No pink noise. Nothing...
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    I need a hand upgrading my system.

    Sweet deal! I was actually looking at the D10 as people are saying that is the "sweet spot" for Amp/Dac combos. My main concern is dropping that kind of cash and have it not yield the desired results. I'm sure it will add that extra punchiness for the Grados, but will it clean up the Shure's as...
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    I need a hand upgrading my system.

    I am very happy with the sound out of my 225/530. I think they complement each other very well. I feel the Grados have a very in your face sound that makes you feel like you are listening to the artist in concert. I love the sparkly highs to the smooth mids. I do wish the bass had a little more...
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    I need a hand upgrading my system.

    After reading for countless weeks what to get and what to do so far this is the setup I have. Home: Macbook (256 VBR AAC) to Grado SR225 Portable: iPod Touch (256 VBR AAC) to Shure Se530 I use the lossy compression because to be honest I A/B'd between AAC and Losseless and I can't tell...
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    Place to buy cheap Grado SR60

    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Grado SR60i or SR80i

    Quote: Originally Posted by az2123 How do you guys know that the MS1 uses the SR125 driver? We don't really. No one really knows. It is just pure speculation. Some say it is the SR125 driver, some say it is an upgraded SR80. However, it is for certain that the MS1 has more in...
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    Place to buy cheap Grado SR60

    Hey guys. Where is the cheapest place to pick up a new pair of Sr60 (non i). I've heard a lot of people talking that they are being clearanced out but haven't really found a place that will go below 10% MSRP. Thanks in advance!
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    Headphone stores in Washington?

    I live in Northwestern Washington. If you are going to be in the area send me a PM and I can direct you to a couple good places.
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    Listen to IE... Where?

    Let us know how it turns out when you get them! Also if you aren't able to return them I've seen quite a few WTB Shure Se530 threads floating around lately. I'm sure you won't have a problem finding a buyer. Good luck and have fun!
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    SR60 vs SR80 vs MS1 Again...

    Sorry to beat this topic to death. I've searched and searched and can't really find what I'm looking for. I've listened to both the SR60, SR80, SR125 and have found that they are as you have described. I have not listened to the MS1. Where the SR60 are awesome headphones for the $70 price...
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    Listen to IE... Where?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wurtzinator They sounded trerrible, really terrible, even much worse than a 60$ IEM. That surprises me. The Shure is considered one of the big four IEMs on the market. I personally think it gives a very relaxed listening experience. The mids are...
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    headphone brand elimination game!

    Audio-Technica 15 Behringer 10 Beyerdynamic 13 Denon 12 Fostex 9 Grado 18 JVC 10 Koss 10 M-Audio 10 Panasonic 9 Philips 8 Pioneer 9 Roland 10 Sennheiser 16 Shure 5 HEAL I'm surpised Shure is getting burned so bad. I happen to like their IEMs! Stax 12 Sony 8 HURT Arg. I've never...
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    Shure SE530 - Everything I need to Know

    Quote: Originally Posted by FuriousOne Now, I have one questions about these. The manufacturing date on the cord says (105th day of 2009, which is April 15th) but the cord still looks a bit flimsy to me, compared to E2Cs. Is there any visible difference between the "old" cords and the...
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    Shure SE530 Serial #

    Quote: Originally Posted by jh901 OK, I see the one on the Y-splitter, but I have no "silver thing" in the box. I also have no receipt since I got it on Ebay (new, not used) from a reputable power seller. All manuals/other papers and accessories were included...nothing suspicious...