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Portable Amp Recommendation

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hapyhar0ld, May 14, 2018.
  1. hapyhar0ld
    Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

    I am in the search for a portable amp and am seeking recommendations. I appreciate good sound although I can't say I have golden ears. Most of my music collection is in the iTunes plus format and with my ears, I could not differentiate the difference between that and ALAC in a double blind test.

    That said, I am all about the best bang for the buck and have settled on three headphones that satisfy most of my needs - Sennheiser x Massdrop 6XX, Sennheiser 25-1 II and JH5.

    The Sennheiser is almost permanently hooked up at home to a JDS Labs O2. I am looking for something that will power the JH5 and 25-1 II while at work and on the road.

    I understand that neither are necessarily difficult to drive however I am looking for something that will help refine the sound.

    I don't necessarily have a budget but I generally don't want to spend more than $400 unless I can really justify it. Since my iPhone 7 is my primary DAP, I also really don't want forty dongles in order to get the damn things hooked up.

    From my research it looks like a Dragonfly might be a good bet although I would have to utilize a lightening to USB adapter. I have also read that the Q1 and Q5 are worth looking at as is the Mojo, however the Mojo may be priced higher than it's performance.

    What say you Head-Fi?
  2. Koolpep
    ifi xDSD - only the Apple CCK needed and bam! In doubt you could even use the bluetooth connection (AAC) with your iPhone. Also - xDSD fits perfectly in your budget. $399. I love this little device a lot!! The Fiio Q5 is always worth a look as is the Mojo, though I would prefer the xDSD to the mojo, find it more versatile.
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  3. Slashn77
    I also use a iPhone 7 and stream tidal lossless and I use the fiio Q1 directly into my phone.
    The Q5 is $350 and looks smaller and not as wide. I love the look and features of the xdsd as well but it might stack wider than your phone if it’s not a 7 plus like mine.

    Do you know if the Apple camera kit also plugs directly into the ifi micro black label (way bigger than both but 4 watts of power) like it does to the xdsd?
  4. Koolpep
    Yes it does in the exact same way. Has a make usb-a port so the CCK can be inserted directly.

    See picture here https://goo.gl/images/h2z8Vt


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