SR60 vs SR80 vs MS1 Again...
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Jun 26, 2009
Renton, WA
Sorry to beat this topic to death. I've searched and searched and can't really find what I'm looking for. I've listened to both the SR60, SR80, SR125 and have found that they are as you have described. I have not listened to the MS1.

Where the SR60 are awesome headphones for the $70 price range, the SR80 with the bowls brings a sparkle to the highs and really tightens and defines the bass. I'm liking the SR80s (however I hear that bowls with the SR60 almost sound like a SR80).

When I listened to the SR125 I felt that the bass disappeared and the highs were just too bright. I was not a big fan.

I've also read that the MS1 have a more laid back sound and are smoother than either the SR60 and the SR80, however some people say they are comparable to the SR125.

So here is the deal. Where exactly does this leave me? If I purchase the MS1 will they be so similar to the SR125 that I will be unhappy or are they a refined SR80? Thanks in advance.

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