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  1. tohni

    android vs. iphone for sound quailty?

    dang, opened many threads in various tabs and accidentally posted in the wrong one. Sry for that. - Personally, though, I think that the OS doesn' influence the SQ as much as the hardware. (so I did contribute something, however small it may be... :) )
  2. tohni

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    I didn't mention the ipod touch and I don't think the X7 is comparable to it.
  3. tohni

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    It seems Cowon couldn't decide whether to compete with the ipad or the ipod classic with this."It's kinda like an ebook-reader - minus the wifi (!) - and it does movies pretty well, but it's also a fairly portable music device..." Still, it's neither-nor. At the size of an ipod classic, I...
  4. tohni

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    well, sizewise it doesn't seem that tempting anymore. That really is a brick. But then again...
  5. tohni

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    alright. how much would it come out at if you bought it, had Cowon ship it to your address and then shipped it to mine? Can you tell by what they write on their site whether or not there are other display languages than Korean? Google translator would not translate that part of the site.
  6. tohni

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    Quote: What does your signature read? lol   The battery life plus the expectable Cowon sq is just too tempting. - Could you check how much shipping would be from Cowon to you to me or if you can ship it directly to an address outside SoKo? I know, the first of any series usually...
  7. tohni

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    can someone help me buy it from the Korean site and send it to my place? I'd so love a Cowon player with that capacity and battery life. I'd even trade in my X1050 for it. (well, some reservations there, but still...)
  8. tohni

    stuck between sony x series, j3 and s:flo2

    I'd go for the X. I had Samsung p3, ipod touch 2G and 3G, Cowon S9 and D2 and the X1050. Unamped and imho the X1050 is by far the most engaging, lively sounding player of the ones mentioned. Plus the interface is good enough; not exactly on par with the touch, but the sound more than makes up...
  9. tohni

    re0 mess...

      Quote:   wowsi! what are you doing to break them so quickly? I had my RE2s for over 1.5 years and my RE0s fo a little over one year. I used them on a daily basis. No sign of wear or tear visible. Could you maybe desribe what you mean by "excellent care"?  
  10. tohni

    Best of YouTube

      love it. searched the thread and there was no mention of either kirk or captain, so I thought this might be new. if it's a repost, sry.
  11. tohni

    I need open earbuds-must know what's goin on around me, when I'm in the street. So, AKG k319?

    had pk3 and senn mx760 so far. both are very good and reasonably priced. I slightly prefer the senns for their more open presentation.
  12. tohni

    Who will win the FIFA world cup?

    Netherlands will cruise through the group stage to lose to Slovakia or the like in the playoffs.   England is not strong enough defensively.   France is too old, too dependent on Ribery plus their coach is an idiot.   Spain is almost too obvious to take the title.   Argentina is...
  13. tohni

    Do other DAPs other than ipods have better components inside?

    I tried it and I returned to an ipod (twice), despite the rather poor sound. The ipod touch made me realize how important a good user interface is. I really don't feel like picking up my P3 very much; the interface is quite a turn-off. So, for me: ipod sounds about average, but makes you want to...
  14. tohni

    iPod Touch sound quality

    I like the touch's interface a lot, in fact it's the best I have seen on any device so far, and I like apps, but the sound quality just isn't there.  I am not biased towards any company, they all have their flaws. I am biased towards sound quality, i.e. sq as perceived by my ears. But I - that's...
  15. tohni

    Samsung mp3 players quality

    Quote: I had both and I think the P3 sounds more - natural. The S9 sounds somewhat technical. I once owned the K701 and they, too, sounded technical imo. If that helps. The interface on the S9 is far better than the p3's though. I am currently considering getting rid of my p3 just for the...
  16. tohni

    Samsung P3 or Cowon S9

    just tried out flac on my p3. the title infoormation didn't change, it still showed the information for the previous track and after 10 seconds the music stopped and i had to reset the player. I am on the newest firmware, 2.22. It seems flac is not working too well on the samsung.   But, to...
  17. tohni

    Sound Quality: Samsung P3 vs Q2

    well, the p3's ui was the first of all uis i have come across that has actually taken away from the device. Very often the screen would scroll down when I actually wanted to select something. Plus I hate the fact that you cannot change the background color in the music menu. It is almost...
  18. tohni

    Sound Quality: Samsung P3 vs Q2

    i like the sound of my p3. It is def among the best i have heard so far. (D2, S9, S639 asf.). what i don't like, however, is the shoddy, almost disgusting, ui. slow, unresponsive, plus it's hardly legible in sunlight. It really keeps me from using it more. I had an ipod touch, but sold it due to...
  19. tohni

    garglish, underwaterish sound coming from my usb dac, is it broken? how can I tell?

    my dac is super cheap. I don't think the opamps can be changed. However, the problem seems to lie with my laptop. The problem does not exist on any other pc. I read around on the internet and it appears that cpu power saving functions interfere with the usb power. anyway, I couldn't get it to...
  20. tohni

    garglish, underwaterish sound coming from my usb dac, is it broken? how can I tell?

    yeah, I'll try and do that tomorrow. Guess I had already thought about a dac upgrade anyway. (I must say I am rather sceptical about the sq differences between dac, probably I am still to hear them.)   edit: just read the bit about bad contacts. idk I tried it on my home stereo and two sets...
  21. tohni

    garglish, underwaterish sound coming from my usb dac, is it broken? how can I tell?

    dang, already did that. I unplugged all usb devices except for the dac. still the problem persisted. As to a possible interference of plugins: wasapi output is currently the only plugin I have installed for foobar. (new W7 installation) And the problem exists in vlc, too.   edit: I just...
  22. tohni

    garglish, underwaterish sound coming from my usb dac, is it broken? how can I tell?

    thx. I tried the same dac with and without wasapi (meaning with direct sound) through both foobar and vlc. It didn't work. However, the same combo, laptop-dac-amp, worked before the last W7 installation.   I meant to specify my descrition of the problem: there is sound coming from the...
  23. tohni

    garglish, underwaterish sound coming from my usb dac, is it broken? how can I tell?

    Well, the title says it all. My dac started making these sounds whether I use Wasapi or direct output in foobar. The same is true for video playback through VLC. I am on a W7 64-bit machine. Can I resolve this? How? What is it? How can I tell if my dac is broken? I have no dac to compare it to...
  24. tohni

    iPod Touch LOD Sound Quality- Is it THAT Good?

    IMHO the sound from my ipod 5G didn't change very much when I ran my V0 files through the line-out. To be fair, I used a Cmoy with it, but the headphones were of the better sort, like K500, K701, DT-880. Probably my hearing is off - hardly possible, I can hear up to 56300 Hz -; or maybe the amp...
  25. tohni

    New DAP to replace a broken D2 around 150$...

    Had: D2, S9, Touch 2G, S639 Have: Samsung P3, its sq is great, I think it holds its own compared to the S9 (maybe ever, ever so slightly deficient in the bass department, but that is only for the very picky ones), but also at the price-performance ratio - about 150 USD for the 32 GB model -...