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  1. belushka

    Question about soldering the headphones

    I have IEM's and on one headphone inside, the cables tore apart from the speaker. So, I tried to solder it back, but I made a little mess(it's so small so I wasn't precise and I burned where I wasn't suppose to) so I am wondering is it possible that I did something that degraded the sound...
  2. belushka

    Nice Pair of IEMs for Under $40?

    Yeah, but, since your girlfriend maybe it's better and cheaper that you give her some in-ears from Philips. Great sound and design. SHE9550 for example only 20 $  OR SHE2675/SHE3575   also around 20$. ADDIEM have a better for sound quality but I don't think it works great with every...
  3. belushka

    Nice Pair of IEMs for Under $40?

    One word: ADDIEM  You can find em on ebay, 40 $ shipping included. 
  4. belushka

    Looking for a good MP3-player. Help!

    if you're gonna rockbox then clip+, if not then Philips
  5. belushka

    Need some advice form more experienced people!

    depends which headphones will you be using with it. tell us this.
  6. belushka

    Not a fan of my new IEM's sound, what now?

    Sell those, buy Apple Dual Driver IEMs, they cost around 40 $ on ebay(new), you won't regret it. Amazing clarity...I use triple-flange ear tips with them, gives me best seal, also available on ebay...
  7. belushka

    IEMs for laying in bed

    Quote: you stick'em in
  8. belushka

    The most overrated IEMs

    What about Etymotic ER4P ? Single BA for 300 $ ? you can get single BA for 50 $.
  9. belushka

    Advantage of multi BA over single BA IEMs

    but all single BAs I've seen have smaller frequency range, usually just up to 10 kHZ and then they rapidly fall. Well ER4P are better but have weaker bass response in return. That's what I've seen from frequency graphs. I am talking about XBA-1 and Philips SHE 9850 for example...  
  10. belushka

    Advantage of multi BA over single BA IEMs

    What's the advantage of multi BA over single BA if there is any? Bigger frequency range? Better response?
  11. belushka

    The most overrated IEMs

    Quote:   well, you should open the phones and connect it to another cable from other phones. Recable them yourself! I've seen IjokerI doing that with Apple in ear, piece of cake. Phones are usually just glued. You should be able to open them with a sharp object like a knife in a right...
  12. belushka

    The most overrated IEMs

    Quote: why would you need a removable cable?
  13. belushka

    Why not a Dual BA from Etymotic?

    Because they are still doing good business with 1 BA, they don't need to upgrade. When business starts to fall down, they will release it.  
  14. belushka

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Ramones - Swallow My Pride  
  15. belushka

    Music Game IX

    Quote:   "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!" - The Ramones
  16. belushka

    What's the weirdest music you've ever heard?

    Britney Spears  
  17. belushka

    Passive vs. active crossover

    What's the difference in multiple BA earphones between active and passive crossover?
  18. belushka

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "No Woman No Cry" - Bob Marley
  19. belushka

    Music Game IX

    Quote:   "Devil Inside" - INXS
  20. belushka

    The most overrated IEMs

    Quote: funny thing about cx300 is that they are completely the same as creative ep630. cx300 are twice the price of ep630. They are both actually made a company called Foster from Japan. Creative and Sennheiser only rebranded them.
  21. belushka

    Music Game IX

    Quote:   "My Name Is Man" - Lordian Guard