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  1. Emtezetwo

    Starting audiophile needs some help

    First, sorry to be jerk, but..Why the elitist attidute towards the "other kids at the school"? How do you even know if they listen to MP3's encoded in 192kbs bitrate? Doesnt necessarily sound bad neither, atleast not when listening to modern over compressed/brickwalled cd-releases. First thing...
  2. Emtezetwo

    Attn: Foobar2000 users (CROSSFEED plugin headsup)

    I like the vnophones vst-plugin very much, its quite subtle. So, if i understand correctly, the first setting (%) change the angle, where the sound is coming from, right? When used alone, it only mixes left and right channel, making the sound just more towards mono. The second setting...
  3. Emtezetwo

    clearing the PSX audio myth.

    Sorry to raise old thread, but does anyone have experience with the PSone model SCPH-102? Is it normal to have very loud hiss/ground noise when there are bright colors on the screen? The hiss isnt always present, just when there are before mentioned colors displayed, especially bright white...
  4. Emtezetwo

    New PS3 Slim can bitstream audio

    PS3 bought two months after the europe launch is very loud indeed. It might stay relatively quiet for a while, but after a hour of playing, the fan is going full speed, like a jet-engine. Xbox 360 i bought at December 2008 is a lot quieter, not quiet enough though. These un-scientific...
  5. Emtezetwo

    Where HD580, HD600, and HD650 are manufactured?

    I have custom made headband for the HD650, made from hemp(cannabis) plastic and steel. Will probably last longer than myself(or the speaker elements)
  6. Emtezetwo

    Dolby Digital Headphone Amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gevorg Its fun for a minute or two and then it sucks. "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man." Dolby Headphone quite nicely simulates speaker listening with headphones. It doesnt color the sound spectrum too heavily. Despite...
  7. Emtezetwo

    Bought HD650 + Lehmann Rhinelander, what next?

    Bigger question is, how do you like Rhinelander with your HD650 so far? I have the Rhinelander with 650 too, source being Auzentech X-fi forte(using card's DAC) Xbox 360, Playstation(Yeah, first) and Wii. I wasnt all that impressed, when changing from Fortes integrated amp to Rhinelander...
  8. Emtezetwo

    The Holy Grail of True Sound Stage (Cross-Feed: The Next-Generation)

    Quote: Originally Posted by cyberspyder How would you use the Dolby Headphne plugin with a movie player? If you havent found it already.
  9. Emtezetwo

    Auzen Forte vs Prelude vs Essence STX

    Quote: Originally Posted by ear8dmg I would suggest what I'm doing then. Just experimenting with an X-Fi XtremeMusic with optical out to Victor SU-DH1. Unfortunately it's causing me problems with 4GB RAM but if I knock it down to 3GB all is well and it sounds fantastic. I'll be swapping...
  10. Emtezetwo

    Auzen Forte vs Prelude vs Essence STX

    CMMS-3D Headphone sounds like garbage to my ears(which are no gold plated hifi ears that is!) It changes completely the tone of the audio, taking all the details away. Dolby Headphone on the other hand sounds great, it does just what it should, simulate surround(or just two channel, or even...
  11. Emtezetwo

    Auzen X-Fi™ Forte 7.1

    Thank you for the answer! And i mean the headphone jack/out/connection in the Forte. It woudnt make much sense to use Fortes headphone amp before going to another amp, right? What puzzles me though, is that the output volume seems to be pretty much the same from the line-out and the...
  12. Emtezetwo

    Auzen X-Fi™ Forte 7.1

    Should i use the headphone jack or the line-out of the Forte to connect to an external amp?(In my case Lehmann Rhinelander)
  13. Emtezetwo

    New amp by Lehmann Audio: Rhinelander

    Wonder how this amp sounds with HD650?