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  1. c001m4n

    Lilith Audio Player

    I dunno if it's been mentioned, but VST plugins does not work in the latest x64core2 release. They work fine in the core2 version. (opps nvm...I guess I should have used the search function -_-; )
  2. c001m4n

    Chaintech AV-710 Setup Thread, Including True 44.1kHz Wolfson Output in XP

    Quote: Originally Posted by ascl At risk of necro'ing an old thread (and for my first post!), I tried the steps listed and they didn't work for my Onkyo SE90 on Win7 x64 (I got distorted bad sound). However, these drivers worked perfectly: ƒIƒ“ƒLƒˆ[Š”Ž®‰ïŽÐFPC...
  3. c001m4n

    Soundmagic pl-30 20.00 shipped

    I just got mine today. Currently testing them out. The knob on the left earbud does not click into place, did this happen to anyone?
  4. c001m4n

    Crossroads Mylar Three, sound?

    Do these earphones (mylar3/1) go deep in the ear, like IEM's? Or more like cx300 canalphones? I am thinking about getting a pair of these but I can't handle the pressure in the ear from IEM's.
  5. c001m4n

    Line out on the Creative Zen Vision:M? Yes!

    I just have a dumb question. Why is it even necessary to rewire the grounds if at the plug all the grounds are already soldered to the same pole? For regular mini-mini cables, the ground on the 3.5mm audio plug is in contact with both the ground and the video (I think). When I plug-in to the A/V...
  6. c001m4n

    is the STAX S-001MK2 a good set of phones?

    They reproduce a lot of detail. IMHO they are certaining the best set of portable headphone + amp system that you can get. To me these headphones are a lot more comfortable to wear than IEMs (I tried E2c's and E4c's before) because it doesn't go as deep into the ear as IEMs. However these don't...
  7. c001m4n

    Admit to it: you wear headphones in public that you shouldn't!

    I switch between my Stax SR-001 MkII and my HD650 to bring to school, depending on my mood and the weather of course... Sometimes I turn up the volume just high enough to block out the ambient noise in the library then I tap to the beat unaware of the people arouind me.
  8. c001m4n

    ear wax camera

    It looks more like a modified fiber optic camera.
  9. c001m4n

    USB DACs and framerate

    This is a wild guess based on nothing but can the use of an USB mouse cause the apparent lagginess? I don't have an external USB DAC but someone should try it with the usb to ps/2 adapter for the mouse.
  10. c001m4n

    computer PSU as equipment PSU?

    I was just pondering is it possible to use the computer PSU as the PSU for audio equipment? Ie. Mod the PC PSU to stand-alone (paper clip mod) and replace the connector to whatever DC plug is required for the audio equipment (12VDC or 5VDC). Is it even feasible? or be an improvement over wall-warts?
  11. c001m4n

    Stax SR-003, impressions

    Eventhough this is a SR-003 thread and not the SR-001 appreciation thread I have to say CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the club. The amp that came with the system should have plenty of power to drive the headphones. On my Rio Carbon set to max the amp is only at 9 o'clock, I also keep it at...
  12. c001m4n

    Any experience with Carver SD/A-360?

    Does anyone has any experience with this CD player? I am considering purchasing a used one, but I can't seem to find a lot of info on this player except some user reviews. This would be my first standalone if I do get it. What problems should I look for? Is this player worth getting? Is it a...
  13. c001m4n

    Stax SR-001 Appreciation Thread

    ferraro25 I was listening it in bed just now. The bass impact is definitely there, I wasn't listening to any rock music though (was listening to Norah Jones) but I am sure the impact is plentiful for rock music. There were no muddiness with the headphones at all (I have experienced major...
  14. c001m4n

    Stax SR-001 Appreciation Thread

    I finally got my SR-001 MkII !!! W00T How do I ground it when everything is plastic? It is a lot better than IEMs, very comfortable to use. I like how it adjusts the pressure. The sound is great, I am comparing it to a HD650 right now. Will post more later.
  15. c001m4n

    "Bright" cables for DIY IC?

    I am planning to make an mini-to-mini IC and am looking for some DIY Cables to open up the treble end of my SR-001 MkII. I heard the Canare Starquads are more bassy. I need some suggestions for a brighter cable. Preferably lower than $1/foot and something that is in stock at...
  16. c001m4n

    What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi?

    If I remember correctly I found this forum when doing research on the KSC-50 which I bought. I also used the site to research on the portapros. I didn't officially became a Head-fier until I got the HD201 based on other's reviews, then found out about the mods I can do to it and all the...
  17. c001m4n

    DT-880 or Stax SR-001?

    Quote: Originally Posted by smeggy HAH, a baby Stax thread that thought it escaped me.. Mwahahahha! My Ratings.. Sound: Ooooh! Comfort: Aaaaah! Tonality: Mmmmmm! Value: Woah! Overall: These little suckers are awesome. Lol, very descriptive review. If they sound...
  18. c001m4n

    DT-880 or Stax SR-001?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mb3k Ahh a fellow Calgarian. I have tried the Stax SR-001 and I like BluePhone said, it's pretty good Can you comment on that? How's the soundstage, and does it feel like earplugs? Is it as good as people say it is? Where did you try them? How are...
  19. c001m4n

    DT-880 or Stax SR-001?

    I would if I could. If I could try them I wouldn't be posting on this thread
  20. c001m4n

    DT-880 or Stax SR-001?

    Had to bring this old thread backup. I just purchased an E2C to try out, I don't really like the small soundstage (or headstage, whatever) of the earphones. I still prefer my HD201 over the E2C's. Will the Stax SR-001 MkII be better than the E2C in terms of the sound/headstage? And I assume the...
  21. c001m4n

    E2c mod... 56K warning

    Damn...that sucks...I'll burn it in for a good 24 or 48 hours and see if the sound improves, assuming these do improve with burn in.
  22. c001m4n

    E2c mod... 56K warning

    Are there any tricks to pull the washers out? I just got my e2c, but I just can't pull the washers out. I used a paperclip and bent it with a pair of pliers, but all it does is scratch the washers. Help me
  23. c001m4n

    Can somebody tell me the difference between 192mp3 vs Flac?

    I believe in a double blinded test it would be very hard to distinguish between the two formats. It is possible to hear the differences a-b'ing between the formats of the same music. A true audiophile will always go for the "original", not because it sounds better, but it is the way it was meant...
  24. c001m4n

    Are these worth it? Polk Audio Monitor10s

    I am interested in getting a used pair of Polk Audio Monitor10's ( I can get them for about $155. They look like they are in good condition (from pictures) and I will be able to listen them before buying them. I don't have a home setup...
  25. c001m4n

    Lifespan of a headphone?

    Umm...This is an OT question... Will the same principles apply to loud speakers? Indefinite lifetime if cared properly? The reason I am currious is because I need to prove to my parents old used speakers are as good if not better than brand new (different) ones