Are these worth it? Polk Audio Monitor10s
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Sep 27, 2005
I am interested in getting a used pair of Polk Audio Monitor10's ( I can get them for about $155. They look like they are in good condition (from pictures) and I will be able to listen them before buying them.

I don't have a home setup yet so I'll need to get a receiver (these will be used for music and movies). Any recommendations for budget receivers will also be appreciated (>$200?). I was considering on just purchasing an Audiosource AMP100 for both TV and music since it has 2 inputs. (I am new at I really need a receiver if my DVD player can decode digital audio?)

I was wondering if getting a vintage floorstanding speaker with passive subwoofer is worth the money. If they are not broken when I get it will they last me? Should I spend (a lot) more on a brand new set of floor standing speakers? Or are there new speakers that are as good as these and cost around the same?

I have this concept that newer stuff are better because of improvement in technology, but I am not 100% certain if this concept applies to speakers.

Some said foam surrounds will not last, how do I tell if these use foam surrounds?
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One of the things you can do is do some research on the Club Polk forum. There are many users of vintage Polk Audio speakers there. Check with them about these speakers' sensitivity and any potential problems (such as the issue of foam surrounds).

While performance of inexpensive audio components have improved significantly in recent years, I don't think you can surpass these Polks' sound quality unless you spend a lot more than $155.00. Assuming everything is in working order, these speakers should last you a long time. Again, given that these speakers are from the 80s, the foam surrounds are a cause for concern. However, I don't think they are expensive to replace.

The AudioSource is a power amp, right? You may need a pre-amp for source selection. A receiver is a combination of power-amp, pre-amp and a tuner, so that is probably the most economically way to power speakers like those Polks.

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