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    Help, wanted to buy the AD700x but kinda skeptical after visiting

    I believe there actual measurements are accurate but the write ups are definitely subjective. I also believe they make some sort of profit for promoting sales for specific products. I wouldn't really trust them that much.
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    New IEMs that I should be looking into

    I was just hoping to try something new. I haven't purchased any headphones in a long time and just wanted to see if anything new was going to blow my mind (given that it has all the other features I want).
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    New IEMs that I should be looking into

    I liked the the comfort, isolation, convenience of switching cables to Bluetooth, and the bass. Otherwise I thought they were a solid all around headphone and I didn't want to pay way more money for marginal gains from the rest of the Shure line.
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    Looking to upgrade to planar magnetic headphones, with bass

    I would recommend the ultrasone edition 8. It has plenty of bass and is sold on the BST for cheaper than any of the other options you listed. It will give you something new and different to try.
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    Grado ps500

    I am selling my grado ps500's in great condition. They come with the box, but that's about it. They sound good, and look great no noticable scratches or anything. I am open to trades or price negotiations.
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    Sony, Bose, Beats or Plantronics ?

    I was a fan of the sony 1000x's. They seem to have really good build quality, and I thought their noise cancelling was top notch. 
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    What equipment should i get.

    Maybe like a grado sr225.
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    Cool comfy ?on-ear? headphones for office use

    I would recommend the Isine10 haven't heard them, but they sound like something that would fit your categories. They are small iems, that are open sounding, and can be had for about 400 usd. 
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    Recommend me some headphones up to around £700/$850

    Why not hunt on the BST for some grado Bushmills. They are closed and have the grado sound. 
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    AMP/DAC for HD650

    I would probably recommend the modi multibit, and then look in the BST for a different amp. 
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    Recommendation for some bluetooth IEM please ?

    I tried some sonys a while ago I can't remember what model they were, but that would be my recommendation. They sounded pretty good to me personally. 
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    The Official Ultrasone Appreciation Thread!

    Hoping to bring this back to life. Sorry for the necro couldn't find a more recent appreciation thread. Loving my Ultrasones, and wanted to see if anyone had tried the new edition 8 EX. Loved the edition 8 just wanted to find if it was worth it to upgrade. 
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    Distortion from Little Dot Mkii

    Try some different RCA cables there might be a short or something.