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    What soundcard to buy

    Creative has some good cards but at that price range you might want to look into some emu's, the 0202 is just a little less than $100 and I'm pretty sure it's a much better card.
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Yeah, I've been wanting to watch it again for awhile now, but now that school has started I've had almost no time to do anything. One of these days though, I think he still has the set.
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Wow there are a lot of anime fans here, and I thought it was a music forum Some of my favorite series: Trigun - It's got a great story line, pretty deep if you ask me. Berserk - Just freaking awesome, so much blood and gore, awesome fight scenes. Dragon Ball Z - okay, flame me now...
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    Post pics of your builds....

    You guys all have awesome cases for your builds. Does anyone know what a good case would be for the SOHA? I'm going to build one soon..
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    Pleased to meet you :The Newest Headphoneus Supremus : Who wants something FREE?

    sounds good ... hmm more than 50 posts huh? *scurrys off for one more post*
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    Guitar Amplifiers

    Well I've just gotten in to DIY audio type things, made a cmoy, got a second one in the process(just needs an opamp) for my friend. And I was wondering if there are any good cheap amplifiers that would work with a speaker so I could use it with my guitar. I guess my real question is, what is...
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    I LOVE my PPAS

    I wish I had money to spare, stupid cars. I want to get a ppas to build, especially after hearing how good it sounds.
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    FREE cmoy!

    PM! woo..
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    Okay, well I stopped by rat shack today, got some more resitors, I got 470k ohm and 1mill ohm because I wasn't sure if 470k would be close enough to 500k for it to be fine or what. Would using 470k or 1mill be better? Is 1mill too much? I'm going to do that rubbing alcohol thing and see if...
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    Well the wire fixed the buzzing, but when I'm turning the sound sometimes I will get a slight scratching sound, that is the pot? Or R2? I'll stop by radioshack and get some higher resistors after school today and see if that fixes that.
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    The buzzing doesn't go away when I touch it, the buzzing starts when I touch it. My in/out jacks are plastic, but I have a ground wire running from the ground to the virtual ground on my board. So get some higher resistors and/or a new pot? I'll try running another ground wire from my...
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    okay, last problem. I figured out, I messed up when putting the resistors in, I had them one row up on the right side, so I got that, it sounds great, but I get a slight buzzing sound when the pot is slightly above minimum for about an 1/8-1/4 turn then it goes away. It only comes if i'm...
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    Well I don't know what I did, but I fixed the distortion problem. But I created yet another problem. I get almost no sound out of my right earbud. It's not the phones beucase they work fine with out the amp, and it does the same thing with my other pair. I've replaced a resistor on the board...
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    Well the schematic, I used pretty much the basic cmoy amp from tangentsoft, I think the only thing I changed one of the capasitors to 470uf instead of the 220 and I used a 2.5k resistor for a gain of 5. I didn't put the R5 in, and I used the opa2132pa opamp. I'll try to get some pictures up...
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    Cmoy troubleshooting

    Okay, I fixed that problem, I realized that I forgot to attach the power to my opamp in my haste. But now I have another problem. There is a hiss in my headphones when they are connected, and they get very loud and distorted when sound is applied. Any ideas?