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    Any nva ap10h fans out there?

    Me too,i won't spending good money on any stupid FOTM crap soon.This amp will see me out.It also has a lifetime warranty..
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    RS-1 Appreciation Thread starts here!!!!

    Hi,fellow RS-1 lovers.Just thought i would tell you my experiences with these phones. I think the magic is in the cups and not the drivers.I just bought a pair with a busted driver very cheaply.I have a pair of SR80i's that i have been using to try out billavideos mods,over the years. ie...
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    post your grado mods....

      Can't decide which i prefer,the flats are good if you want a bit more bass,but i think at the expense of some detail.I tend to swap over with the original bowls depending on what i am listening to.
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    post your grado mods....

      You have to liberate the drivers to fit the Vibro cups.wrap them in foam tape and press in,same as the magnum driver.You just need a hacksaw,pliers and nerves of steel.
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    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Hi,I have had a similar problem with some woodies i made for mine,turned out i had not put enough glue round the grill,a bit more hot glue fixed it for me.Unusual for 325's to have this fault as they seem to use loads of glue on this model,i know cause i had to put mine in boiling...
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    Portable amp for Sennheiser HD650

    +1 For the Neco Soundlabs V3,mine has more than enough power and with the battery upgrade lasts forever.Another upside is you could drop it out of a plane with out damage,just don't drop it on your toe.
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    post your grado mods....

    Quote: I have a pair of SR80i cups sat in my spares drawer,you can have them if you still need some.Don't think i will ever want them again..
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    New Grado's and my son

    Hey,another headfier in the making,and he ain't even got a wallet yet.. I would give a lot to know what he will be listening to when he is my age....???
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    Grado sr80i impressions & need more volume

    Get your self a Neco Soundlab V3 and hear what they can sound like,there is no way you will turn that baby more than half way up.Crystal clear holographic sound.
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    Dolce & Gabbana And Gradolabs?

    I wouldn't want D&G on my underpants,let alone my phones..
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    Epiphany Acoustics E-DAC Review Thread

    It is by far the best usb dac i have ever owned.No thoughts of bothering to look for an upgrade.At my age i am sure it will see me out. Using it with a Neco Soundlabs V3 and Sr325is's.Nirvana at last....  
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    Which one? Sennheiser HD 598's or Grado sr225i's?

    I have yet to hear a pair of Senns that did not sound boring after a very short listen.The same word can never be used to describe the SR225i's. From your description of the sound you want,you wont go far wrong with the Grados, plus most people that sell their 225's wish they had kept them ...
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    Best budget amp for the hd650

    Neco Soundlab V3 will drive them better than anything i have heard so far....  
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    Grado Sr80i vs. 125i

    I had the MS-1i's and 80i's at the same time,sold the MS-1's and still have the 80's,i thought the Ms-1's sounded a bit too laid back,and not how Grado's should sound. Mind you i prefer my 325's over both of them.  
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    New closed cans

    Quote: +1  I found my 250 ohm DT770's all boom and tizzz.Sold them and now use KRK 8400's,much easier to live with..Good isolation and clear detailed sound.