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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    I use a Stello DP200 dac/pre/headphoneamplifier at home and my mobile dac/amplifier is a QED MB45 amplifier and Kingrex USB dac. DT770 and Denon also runs unamped from laptop or mp3 player.   1. Beyerdynamic T1. Best sounding dynamic headphones I've ever heard. 2. AKG K701. A little to...
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    BeyerDynamic owners unite...

    I have DT770 and T1 and love both headphones,   For the moment I borrow Grado PS1000's and I still prefer T1.
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    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

    The clips are for connecting power cables to the battery.   The clips are a temporarily solution, I am going to find a better solution in near future.
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    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

    Not exactly ultra portable but it sounds good. Samsung Netbook, J. River, Gel battery, Kingrex Ud01, QED MB45, Beyer T1
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    I need some really bass heavy cans

    Beyer DT770 Pro are quite bass heavy.
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    Headphone "Sweet Spot"?

    Quote: It's easy to love the T1,  build and sound quality is sky high.    
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    disappointed by Sennheiser HD800, need advice

    What about just buying some T1's since you already own the A1 amplifier?   I have done some A/B comparisation of T1 and HD800 on a Naim Headline amplifier and I prefered T1.
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    Confused about KingRex UD-01 DAC

    The cheapest and probably best solution to get the Kingrex to sound good is to connect it to a little gel battery (typical motorcycle battery). The power consumption is low so you can run it for a couple of days before you need to recharge the battery.  
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    My mobile setup with Kingrex dac and QED headamplifier powered with a gel battery
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