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    2010 - Your Favorite New Releases So Far?

    Quote: nice, is that La Musique?  just found it on youtube, thanks for the heads up.  song is pretty good!
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    great review, thanks for putting the time into this LFF     the HM601 doesn't have a queue or on-the-go playlist feature does it?  that is my favorite thing about the Creative Zen V plus I've been using the past few years, I can queue a couple albums then put it in my pocket for a train...
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    2010 - Your Favorite New Releases So Far?

    I made a top ten list   1.) Titus Andronicus - The Monitor 2.) JME- Blam! 3.) Double Dagger- Masks EP 4.) Richard Rich- Twit Tape 5.) Kingdom- That Mystic EP 6.) Caribou- Odessa 7.) Lower Dens- Demo Vol II 8.) Nice Face- Immer Etwas 9.) Drunkdriver- Drunkdriver 10.) Dinowalrus- %...
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    Rush - Time Machine Tour 2011

    never seen Rush before, I should really make this happen....  
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    Recommend me some rock/alt-country

    sounds as though you would like Ryan Bingham.   a friend showed me a couple of his albums over the summer and I have become a huge fan.  Mescalito is probably the best place to start.  He had a new one out recently which is good too, Rust Junky.
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    The 2010 Holiday Gift Exchange Is On! (Read thread for details!)

    aarrrgghh!!     totally forgot to sign up for the first time in years!  next year I'll make sure not to miss out on this   Uncle Erik it looks like you're doing the organization duties this year, thank you for that!
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    J&R $4.99 CD Blowout

    is there a way to increase number of items viewed per page? looks like it is stuck at 20 and taking forever to go through thanks for heads up though
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    All things Electronic.

    what is the deal with Noze? I think I will go see them play next week really like the song Encore they have up on the myspace Nôze on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads reminds me a lot of the recent Isolee single October/Nightingale, which rules of course...
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    Breakbeats, Dubstep and Drum N' Bass:

    did you ever check out Quake Trap? Shaggy Manatee's (of quake trap) solo LP is awesome, In Between Quake Breaks Vol. 1 is really dark with glitchy stuff and sick drums may be hard to find and I believe vinyl only you can check out some samples at their online store + quake trap +...
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    All things Electronic.

    cool, thanks for recommendation on Little Dragon will check it out. good call on Yelle, no idea what she has been up to. hopefully some more singles at the least will surface, and will definitely watch the next project(s) her producers are involved in. this remix of her's is sick by the...
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    All things Electronic.

    Quote: Originally Posted by virometal Have any EDM fans checked out RA's decade lists yet? RA Poll: Top 100 albums of the '00s RA Poll: Top 50 mixes of the '00s RA Poll: Top 100 tracks of the '00s Typical RA fare, and I must say they nailed top album, which myself chose or...
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    Insomnia anyone?

    to those interested in sleep I cannot recommend The Promise of Sleep by William C. Dement PhD MD more highly. The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night's Sleep (9780440509011): William C. Dement...
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    Unwanted Vinyl

    head fi comes first but you might try craigslist too, and as around with friends or friends' kids very considerate of you
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    What album did you buy today?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pincher Yes, but 5 is too many at once. :P I think part of the reason it is 5 at once is to minimize huge post count accumulation as has been seen in the What Are You Listening to Now threads I am ambivalent about this thread. it would be cool to...
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    Shearwater- The Golden Archipelago (Feb. 23, 2010)

    Loved Palo Santo but was really busy when I bought Rook and haven't gotten around to spinning it much since unforunately. will make sure to listen before the next one comes out and at the very least am looking forward to catching them on tour to support this release.