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    Ipod mini 1G vs 2G for CF card mod?

    battery life on the flash based iPod minis:
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Some very simple rig
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    AT CK-10 Audio Technica Dual Micro-Armatures: Want a Review?

    Sure, i'd love to read it and compare with my impressions It's a shame that such a great IEM's are completely ignored at Head-Fi
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    What Cowon has better SQ than Sony S63X series?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT The Iaudio X5 does not suffer from bass rolloff if I remember correctly ... It does: RightMark Audio Analyzer test: comparison
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    Phonak Audeo?

    Phonak Audeo? - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio
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    Best Microdrive player for a microdrive=>CF conversion

    Personally I'm really pleased with flash-modded Cowon X5 IMO, SQ is better than in any flash-based cowon players (D2, i7 etc)
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    Smallest DAP w flac support

    Quote: Originally Posted by montell I believe meizu doesnt support FLAC... I just checked and they do not. They do support FLAC, APE and WMA lossless I have Meizu M3 and i know what i'm talking about.
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    Weston UM2 vs. UE TF 10. pros vs. livewires (going to use new IEM for traveling)

    Quote: Originally Posted by FrederikS|TPU LiveWires if you want good comfort and great sound. And if you are ready to possible fit problems, which means more time to wait and more money to pay for shipping. Hellesøe, westone = great comfort right out of the box
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    Custom q-jays eartips?

    Some hard acrylic customs Made by hearing aid master in Moscow AFAIK, he did not work with q-jays yet, but he can for sure. Very comfortable and easy to insert into the ear. And yes, they can be safely removed.
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    UPDATED with POLL: BLACK or CLEAR Westone UM2 Which one? HMMMMMM??

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsx_23 Clear will look rubbish after a while. my clear UM1 looked fine after 2 years of usage
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    [Outstanding deal] Klipsch canalphones

    According to Sovkiller, who owns them all, X10 is the boomiest But X5 is the best
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    I'm Seriously Thinking About Getting A LiveWire!

    Quote: Originally Posted by younglee200 I'm not quite sure what the difference is between the SuperFreqs and the livewires, but I heard that superfreqs are less dependent on an amp. Mine LW sound excellent without amp Quote: Originally Posted by Starsky5000 After...
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    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by chiefroastbeef Well, that is a little better to hear. Do you have pictures? Please post some! X2! slowth, please show it
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    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    Quote: Originally Posted by Styrbjorn Sometimes, along with certain sound frequencies in music i can hear some extraneous noise like buzzing. I've made some search and now i think i have the same problem as HeadphoneAddict and powertoold have with their FreQ customs - something...