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    HD 800s Sweet Spot.. HDV820 vs PS Audio GCHA

    I have had a strange experience. I thought I'd hit the top of the pile, all arounder setup with the Hd800s > balanced hdv820 However, I plugged the headphone unbalanced into my old ps audio gcha and for classical music, the sound is so thunderously massive and dynamically musical - albeit not...
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    PS Audio GCHA Class A USB Dac/Headphone Amp

    LOTS OF GREAT Head-Fi FEEDBACK IN SIGNATURE    Great Amp, great condition.  Healthy, pristine, nonsmoking environment.  Comes with original packaging/foam, and manual.  I am the second owner.   Its the newer version with balanced inputs (xlr...
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    Calling PS audio GCHA owners... Volume experiment/test

    Skip to 4th paragraph to bypass personal journal entry tracing me path from inklings to revelation.  I received the GCHA from another head-fier a couple days ago. With iem ue 10, first impressions involved how much life it sucked out of the music.  No highs, no dynamics, slow slow...
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    FS: Beyer Dynamic DT-880 Premium 250 ohms

    <mistaken identity sorry. please delete my post admin>
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    FS: Zhaolu 2.0 DAC and headphone amp

    I have great feedback: & will ship this out very fast   This was a pretty big deal on its release.   Don't use headphones anymore though.   $150 paypal...
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    help... powered off dac with speakers on

    probably the normal maximum volume that the speakers would emit with the volume knob at that position. but the sound sounded like a surge, sort of whooshy, like a electronic sound
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    Sold some high end headphones. Communication smooth, good transaction from seller standpoint, thank you. wouldn't hesitate to sell or buy from in future.
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    WTB: Mod Zhaolu coax to BNC

    Hi. I'm in the SF Bay Area (hayward) and need to change the coax on my zhaolu to one that will accept a BNC (zu ash). It's a pretty easy job I've been told for someone who's soldered, but I don't have the equipment or experience. Please someone do this for me, I've been stuck listening to the...
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    Sold a singlepower headphone amp to Donlin. Responded fast and let me know all the information I required, and sent payment fast too. HOpe you like the amp!
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    Marshmallows or the KSC75s??

    stock tips. yes, they're uncomfortable after a short period. Pretty sure they've made the entrance to my ear canal wider ps i'm not saying these can come close to acheiving what my home rig does, but with the worser quality recordings i have, where the k701's don't hide the ugliness, or where...
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    Marshmallows or the KSC75s??

    jeeze, I have the marshmallows for a couple days. These things are crazy. The dynamics are very good. I like the isolation and the sound signature. I like a more intimate, lush sound, and therefore I would go for the marshmallows over ksc75. I have a emu 1212m> zhaolu cs4398 > mpx3 slam > akg...
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    Etys do not cancel much noise!!!

    You don't know how to put them in!!!