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    AudioQuest Dragonfly Review : Affordable, Outstanding, Tiny DAC / Amp

    Thinking about picking one of these up. So are they the same as the new v1.2 or not?
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    Annual New Jersey Meet -- Saturday July 24th

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the meet this year.  I'll only be about an hour away, but have obligates all afternoon.
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    Annual New Jersey Meet -- Saturday July 24th

    I'll be in NJ that weekend, but will be at a birthday party Saturday.  Maybe I can swing by for a couple hours again like last year.
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    Malfunctioning Protek D620

    I opened up the meter and found an internal watch style battery. Replacing that didn't solve the problem either. I guess it's time to start saving for a fluke
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    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    No, it's larger than the miniMax.
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    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Looks great! I'll have to look a bit closer when I'm back on my PC though.
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    Malfunctioning Protek D620

    yeah, I replaced the 9v right away. When that didn't work I took it out and let it sit for a couple days.
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    Malfunctioning Protek D620

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar and/or has any ideas about how to fix an issue I'm having with my Protek D620 DMM. A few days ago it started displaying 'Hi' for everything. It normally will display the instantaneous reading, lowest reading, highest reading and...
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    Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray universal player....coming 1/25/2010

    I have no doubt that this will be better than the $200-300 mass market players you'll find at your local BB. Not only does it play pretty much all formats every oppo I've had has been a strong performer and I've only ever had one issue, and Oppo fixed it free even though it was out of warranty...
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    Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray universal player....coming 1/25/2010

    well I believe I did see something about Lexicon coming out with a new BD player...
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    Mississauga Meet: December 19th - CANCELLED

    I'm interested. Granted it will depend on weather and if I can get some work done on my car before then... I swear there must be a better time of the year to need to drop about $1k into a car... lol
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    New Oppo BD-83SE and Nuforce Edition.

    the upgrade looks interesting. I'm seriously considering upgrading my BDP-83, just waiting for a few people to get them back and post impressions. As a whole the stock unit is very good IMO.
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    Hakko 936 Question

    I have several different tips, but I find myself using the stock tip from the 936-12 98% of the time.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ferrari Not a bad idea at all, but my ATI enclosures have dated with something else, unfortunately. I've already tried that that too!