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    Any Sound Cards With True 2.1 Output?

    I can't say what the other cards do in surround mode since my interest is in 2.1 only. In my system I'm running a power amp which won't have a pre-out and as I stated in my original post, I don't want to run signals through my subwoofer. I want stereo signal to go straight to the stereo amp...
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    Any Sound Cards With True 2.1 Output?

    Seeking an upgrade from my current M-Audio Revolution 7.1, I purchased an HT Omega Claro Plus sound card. Much to my dismay, this card is incapable of true 2.1 output and outputs a separate subwoofer signal only in 4.1, 5.1 or 7.1. Looking at the manuals for the Asus D2 and the Auzentech...
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    HT Omega Claro As Upgrade To M-Audio Revo 7.1???

    For several years I have been I have been running a 2.1 system from my M-Audio Revo 7.1 using a B&K Reference 4420 amplifier, Von Schweikert VR1 monitors and a Dayton Titanic subwoofer. Though I game occasionally, sound quality is much more important to me that gaming performance. Lately I...
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    Recommendations For A New Or Used DAC under $300

    I'm looking for an upgrade from my modded "Tushi" 3960. I can use the Tushi or a Sony DVP-S360 as a transport to the DAC. Any thoughts or recommendations? Aragon A2D2? Theta Chroma? I only have about 11" of depth to work with, so I'm not sure the MSB offerings will fit in the space I have to...
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    Seeking Redbook Source W/Punchy Bass & Smooth Highs

    There are Arcam and NAD models out there that are les than 12" deep but, so far, no one has mentioned them. Any particular reason why?
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    Does Anyone Make An RCA -> USB Digital Cable??

    I would like to compare the analog outputs of my CD player to the DAC of my Corda Aria. Since the digital input of the Aria is USB only, I was curious if anyone manufactured a digital cable that was RCA at one end, and USB at the other.
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    Best 2.1 speaker system for $100-200?

    Can't add a subwoofer to a 2.0 system?? That depends upon a number of factors, including the soundcard being used. I'm running my M200's with an Earthquake subwoofer.
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    Best 2.1 speaker system for $100-200?

    The M200's are self-powered. New Egg has them:
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    Best 2.1 speaker system for $100-200?

    Whether or not the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system is best for you, depends upon your use, your tastes, and your goals. If you like alot of gaming with low frequency effects, will use your system mainly for movies, or like hip-hop style bass, then the Klipsch is a good choice. If you mainly like...
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    Weekly Scam or not? Thread

    I believe Headroom is running a non-advertised special of $229.99 for the HD600's. That is why they have been showing as back-ordered lately. For the few dollars more, you get brand-new 'phones, with warranty, from a reputable source, that supports this group !!
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    klisch 2.1 vs swan m200

    In testing both, I thought the sound of the Klipsch was geared to gaming and the sound of the M200 was geared to music. I've had my M200's for several years and I've always been happy. I did find that the use of a decent subwoofer cleans up the lower midrange of the M200's. When using the...
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    Anyone Care To Comment On Arcam 73T vs Arcam Alpha 9

    The upgrade bug is biting again. I'm currently using a modified Toshiba 3960 and I'm considering an upgrade to this source for CD redbook playback. Anyone care to compare the "Tushi" to the Arcam 73T or Alpha 9? Has anyone had the chance to A-B the Arcam 73T against the Alpha 9??
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    Confused on Tube Choice For The WooAudio3

    I love tight, slammin' bass. So, for a tube upgrade, I thought I would try a 6336 tube. When I wrote Woo Audio, Mr. Woo replied: "...the 6336's filament current is 4.7A, not a direct substitute for the 6080/6AS7. Using the 6336 with the WA3 will overload the transformer..." So then I...
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    ASL MG Head OTL MKII For Senn HD580's?

    thanks for the heads-up. Is it easier to get service on a WooAudio3??
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    Woo Audio3 or Singlepower PPX3 To Replace SR-71??

    I am currently running my HD-580's with an SR-71 but the dreaded headfi virus has taken hold and I have an ever-increasing curiosity regarding tube amps. Has anyone compared the Woo directly to the PPX3?? If not, has anyone compared the SR-71 directly to either of the aforementioned amps...