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    I am batting 0/2 with wireless

    Not heavy cardio but brisk walking for sure but then I don’t mind outside sounds either but IMO these are fine for what I use them for
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    Which Custom IEMs if Money is No Object?

    Plussound BT cables can be made with several types of connectors
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    Good “All Rounder” IEM for $300

    I would suggest looking at comfort too.... if you are traveling there is also the outside noise from your environment to be considered
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    JH16 IEM Reshell?

    Probably not but guess you will need to ask. I had my EarSonics repaired from a broken pin and I’m glad I did but depends on the cost.
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    Acrylic CIEMs good seal but noises & movement

    They look fine to me nice big bores. The right ear of my Westone AC2 CIEM's always comes unsealed - the bores are smaller than yours - i've just gotten used to it. I had the impressions done in my audiologists office - not sure he did it wrong or right - its been at least 6 or 7 years since i...
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    Beats Flex impressions

    I don't know what driver difference there might be but have been using the predecessor BeatsX for over a year and they still sound great to me. The BeatsX are a little "bright" to me when i change to my EarSonics ES3's but for the price and convenience i am thinking of buying the Flex also.
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    Defects on CIEM acrylic shells

    If it bothered you let them know!
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    Help me decide - IEM under $1,000

    TRN 2 pin BT cable with Westone AC2
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    Custom IEM for sleep?

    My BeatsX let me sleep comfortably
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    Dynamic IEM 2 pin?

    Thanks for the rec. I am not specifically looking for entry level as I do have the ES3's, so have been considering the CA Polaris, but they are MMCX