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    Long overdue feedback from me. RedskyO bought my ety 4ps. Pleasure to deal with and would definitely do business with again.
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    Battles - Mirrored

    Can't wait to get this (hopefully tonight). I've loved these guys for years--they put on a hell of live show. Glad to see the buzz is good on the album (it's easy for me to put stock in someone's opinion who has the Trout Mask Replica album cover as an avatar).
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    Japanese imports better??

    Quote: Originally Posted by markl Flat-earthers and "bits-are-bits", "all digital and all CD players are the same" types scoff at people who make these claims, but I know what I'm hearing. Definitely count me as one of the scoffers Unless the CD has been remastered for...
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    Amon Tobin - Foley Room....Wow

    Quote: Originally Posted by titaniumx3 Damn, I heard about this a while ago but never got round to picking it up. How does it sound in comparision to his previous works? I heard its more psychedelic and abstract. Can't wait to hear it! It's fantastic--definitely more abstract...
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    Ads police say 128Kbps AAC is CD quality

    People on audiophile sites tend to way overstate the benefits of "CD quality" v. lossy. 128 sounds fine for almost all uses (I would never use it myself) for most people. And, while I can tell the difference between 128 and CD quality, it's not like 128Kbps sounds horrible, especially for modern...
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    Legality of selling an ipod loaded with music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Febs rextrade: let's suppose that you rip an MP3 from CD. That mp3 resides on your hard drive as a fair use copy. By your reasoning, section 109 would allow you to transfer that copy to another person. However, the Napster decision clearly holds that...
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    Legality of selling an ipod loaded with music?

    Quote: Again, I don't think that this conclusion necessarily follows from Section 109, because Section 109 applies to right established in Section 106(3). If you make a copy pursuant to some other provision of the Act (i.e., the fair use exceptions in Section 107), Section 109 does not...
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    Legality of selling an ipod loaded with music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Febs Except the United States Copyright Act. Seriously, it's section 106. Quote: Originally Posted by funkadelic I think you are confusing 'illegal' with 'likely to get prosecuted'. Just because a private individual is unlikely to end up...
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    Legality of selling an ipod loaded with music?

    Again, it's not clear that this is illegal as there have been no cases or legislation that addresses this. If it is legal to put the music on your ipod in the first place, then why would it be illegal to sell that ipod loaded with music after you want to upgrade? (Note that this is very...
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    Legality of selling an ipod loaded with music?

    The legality of selling an ipod that you loaded for personal use is uncertain. Of course, the RIAA would say it's illegal, but a lot of copyright lawyers would disagree. There has never been a case which has addressed the issue, so go ahead and sell it loaded (-;. This, of course, is...
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    itunes song order--FRUSTRATING

    I generally like tagging, when it works. Rockbox is way beyond my technological capability (couldn't figure out how to get my apple formatted ipod to work, so I gave up).
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    ipod playlists--organizing by album?

    Is there anyway to create a manual ipod playlist where it will list the albums on the playlist, as opposed to the songs? I use itunes to organize my music. I have a bad habit of buying a bunch of cds, and then forgetting I have them, and I want to just put them onto one ipod playlist; but...
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    Wav files on the IPOD - not a good idea?

    Podtweaker--there is no way you can tell the difference between ALAC and WAV on an ipod.
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    Wow, the RIAA Really Needs to be Stopped

    Good rant M_Memory. Bottom line for me is that I used to download a lot of music from the old Napster and and Limewire, and, as a result, I ended up buying a lot more CDs than I would have otherwise bought. The downloads may have been illegal, but the end result is that the recording industry...