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    Xbox 360 Headphones & Pioneer HTS-GS1 5.1 HELP!!!

    i use a set of audio technica cans for my gaming, a splitter would work with a rca to 3.5mm adapter on one side or a logitech 5.1 game adapter. but the quality would suffer, you keep the 5.1 signal when using the optical cable where as you would be reduced to simple stereo with the normal...
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    Xbox 360 Headphones & Pioneer HTS-GS1 5.1 HELP!!!

    i use an astro mixamp for my headphones, an optical audio cable runs out of my xbox into the mixamp the mixamp has a headphone port and a dolby audio processor built in for better positioning in games. with the mixamp running the sound on the xbox you wouldn't need to have the television volume...
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    Astro Mixamp (sold)

    I'll take it, does it still have a warranty through astro? and it does come with all the cables? optical, and headphone/mic adapter? pm me some info and its sold.
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    audio technica headphones mic mod.

    Also, just added an earforce dolby headphone processor to it for my games, the virtual center speaker is actually very accurate.
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    audio technica headphones mic mod.

    absolutely, i also have a windows mobile cell phone that charges through the 360's usb. I have ordered the turtle beach dss 7.1 dolby headphone processor to the set up, it should arrive monday. I found a good deal on one and it was far cheaper than the astro mixamp that some of my friends have...
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    HD555 Now $75 Free Shipping

    In for one, thank god for credit cards
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    audio technica headphones mic mod.

    Thanks, still working on the setup, far from complete
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    audio technica headphones mic mod.

    I modded a mic into my audio technica headphones so i could use them for pc/console gaming, i used mogami 2 conductor wire and a single 3.5mm female termination installed into the open area of the inside of the can and sleeved the wires together using techflex carbon sleeving. I used two gold...
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    FS: Astro Mixamp (Newest Version)

    Actually i just got the pics to load, i'll take it. Send me some info. Thanks!
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    FS: Astro Mixamp (Newest Version)

    I sent a pm. I will take this today if you will send those pics to my email in the pm. Thanks.
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    The BEST full sized headphones for $30 USD or less (updated Nov. 27 2013)?

    audio technica makes an ad300 open air set for like 35, i would save a few bucks and pick up some ad700's though. the reviews on both sets are very solid.
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    Alternative to astro mixamp for fps console gaming.

    I am interested in using a dolby headphone capable amp for my AT cans, my friend has the a40 mixamp/headphones which i've tried, i like the amp but was a little disappointed in the cans, my at's sounded better than the a40 set. I was wondering if there was a comparable product to this mix amp...
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