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    What are the best speakers under $400?

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    Beats By Dre: The Secrets

    I've heard mixed things about the Solos. I tried to try them out at that audiophile store in Manhattan, but they snapped. I never got around to listening to them. 
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    Most overrated headphones?

        Quote:   Also because they have excellent highs, very accurate audio reproduction, detail, a fun sound, and an affordable price. 
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    what 'is' a headphone?

    A headphone is something on your head that produces sounds meant for your ears. 
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    Bought New Ipod Touch. Need IEM's!

    I don't consider the camera useful enough to warrant an upgrade, IMO.
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    Most overrated headphones?

        Quote:   As you should. 
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    Headphones for drum and bass, dubstep for around 100$, advice?

        Quote:   If anything they make you look like the biggest dork, at least that's what I see from the glances on the bus. What a troll. Ten headphones that are ten times better? Meh. 
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    Monster beat Dre Studio or Klipsch S4?

    M50s bass is much cleaner, albeit less aggressive. 
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    Are quality headphones like Sennheiser HD555s worth it if I only use them for laptop audio and my iPod?

    Just a thought, the M50 sounds nearly perfect (sound card quality) out of both of those sources. It's also in that price range. I hear cheap headphone amps are pretty useless, by the way. 
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    Basshead question...

      Now that I have the M50, what is the next step in enjoying rich, intense, clean bass? I heard the HFI-580s were good. Not that I'm upgrading anytime soon or even have the capacity to do so, just out of curiosity what are some products that handle bass well? 
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    Most overrated headphones?

    I love how the M50s clamp instead of rest on your head. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's downward pressure. My ears enjoy the warmness and snugness the M50 brings. 
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    What do your kids think of Audiophilia/What got you into Audiophilia?

    Well I'm fourteen -_-. I had to save up lunch money until I had enough for my M50. My conviction remains that there are lots of children out there beyond salvation, already cast into the chasm of conformity with their SkullyCandys and Beats. I've resorted to passing these on to my...