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    Sony MDR xb1000? NEw? OMG

      Saw some on eBay.
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    Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread

    Jazz:   Classical:
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    Best classical recordings...ever!

    Thanks, perhapss.   
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    Best classical recordings...ever!

      What record label do you like the Boulez/Cleveland on?  Amazon has a few listed.   I picked up the Elliot Carter on your recommendation quoted below, nice.  
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    Kindly asking for this music type and where might i find it..?

    Here's a couple places to look:
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    Best Headphones for the gym.

    Just got an email with this link in it:  
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    Edit Signature

    Thanks again. 
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    Edit Signature

    One other thing, I made the text size 8 and it looks right in the preview but it saves as full size.
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    My RSA B-52 on Ebay

    Ray Samuels Audio B-52 Emmeline II Headphone Amp