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    SOLD: FS or Trade: Abyss Phi + CC pads for your LCD4 or Susvara

    Have had lots of trade and purchase offers so far (thanks everyone) but want to bump this one more time to see if there is an LCD4 trade out there before I make a decision. thanks,
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    Withdrawn: Mint Abyss Phi TC for Susvara or LCD4

    Withdrawn: I am considering trading my less than 2 week old Abyss Phi TC with all original accessories and packaging for an LCD4 or Susvara. Possibly supplementing with $$ as appropriate. PM to discuss.
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    SOLD: FS or Trade: Abyss Phi + CC pads for your LCD4 or Susvara

    Selling my Abyss Phi CC's. The set is an OG Abyss, upgraded to Phi drivers, with CC pads. This is the Lite version and comes with the original box with all accessories (original cable etc). Price includes Express International shipping and paypal. This set is in good working order, however...
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    The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

    Hey, I currently have an Abyss Phi that I am using straight from DAVE. I think it sounds excellent but of course have the itch to hear a decent amp in the middle. It appears many think the Abyss Phi benefits from an amp over DAVE, though some are on the other side of the fence. I am considering...
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    FS: HE1000v2 - $1550USD includes Int shipping + pp fees

    Selling my mint condition HE1000v2. These are about 7 months old. Selling because I have recently picked up set of Abyss Phi CC's and need some funds to buy an amp (probably the Formula S) to drive them properly (DAVE doesn't quite cut it). One of the complaints of the HE1000's has been the...
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    WTB: LCD-4

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    WTB: LCD-4

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    For Trade: Chord M Scaler Black + SOTM BNC's

    Bump and the sotm bnc’s are sold.
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    Two 75 ohm SOTM BNC cables

    SOLD I am letting go of my M Scaler so selling my two 1m SOTM BNC cables. In Mint condition. They retail for $700USD EACH. I am selling them BOTH for $900USD including global shipping and paypal fee. They are a massive uplift over the stock BNC cables that come with the M Scaler. Superb build...
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    Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

    I recently received the Effect Audio Leonidis II for my i4's. My rig is either Surface Pro to Hugo 2 via Curious USB cable + Roon with i4 DSP, or as mentioned with my M Scaler added. Anyways I have had a handful of decent aftermarket cables before for other in ears like the Tia Fourte and Zeus...
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    Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    I see your point Amberlamps, however having heard Dave + Blu II, which essentially gave me tingles I am very happy with my decision. Every time I have heard Dave by itself it has left an impact on me, TT2 did not. I expect the gains of adding an M Scaler to both DAC's is relative. In regards...
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    Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    Re TT2 vs Dave, my opinion is that it depends on the headphones you intend to use. I have owned the Utopia's for over a year now (with Danacable Lazuli Reference) and I am still very happy with them, from a sound perspective first but also from a build quality, design and comfort perspective...