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    Bravo! Well done. So far the Little Country 3 is up and running well, seems to be in great shape. Packaging was Excellent, Overall Experience was an A++ Thanks again. Hope you get those Ed9's you are looking for.
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    Shure SRH240 Unboxing

    I personally never understood "unboxing" reviews... You take it out the box and chances are you dont see the box again until it's time to sell it, or return the product. THATs if you keep the box. I've seen good products come in cheap boxes and crappy products come in good packaging. Guess the...
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    HD 555 on the way as well

    You poor poor man...You have no idea what can you just opened! LOL
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    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro coming my way

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Machine Yeah, I am also considering the HD555 for the advanced future, maybe for movies, all around music, for my girlfriend or when I need a break from the 280's. Well you better hope you can wear the things longer than 30mins before the clamping...
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    HD280 vs Beats by Dre

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 if u r willing to spend that level of money then Dr. Dre and HD280 are not the best option out there. i think many will agree with me. So far one of the best post in this thread. As opposed to useless bashing and stand up wanna bees...
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    OK im an idiot.

    Quote: Originally Posted by dcpoor my irony meter. just exploded. No kiddin. With NO experience with certain cans He is WILLING to take other peoples posts as gospel about the sounds of the Ad2000 or w5000's. Wow! Quote: Originally Posted by lucky Call me when...
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    OK im an idiot.

    Quote: Originally Posted by intoart Define "proper source". Quote: Originally Posted by what? clean signal with no coloration. A good CD player (or SACD Player) Doesnt have to be a Shanling CD 300 or anything like that. Just a "Good" CD player. I know from...
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    1st Gen or 2nd Gen?
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    best K701 portable amp, new or used under $350

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto dumb noob question, what is a DAC? and ndskyz I know they are not portable at all but I use them at work so portable is way easier for me to manage Thats not what I say..but what the other people on this site have said when this subject comes...
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    best K701 portable amp, new or used under $350

    Oh we go...again. K701 with portable Amps. Here I'll give you the cliff notes. From those who have posted before... 'Yes the Pico will drive them, but not as good as a Desktop (full size) amp' 'Portable...K701's are you serious? They are too big to carry around.' And last...
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    Best Portable amp for a BASSHEAD?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarKu search for some used ibasso P2 it has a bass boost gain (3 gains i think) +1 Very warm amp to begin with (listening to mine right now) And the 3 gain bass boost doesnt affect the mids and highs much at all.
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    Is your Headphone setup more expensive than your Speaker?

    Headphones dont even come close. Speakers Klipsch RVX-54's are the main speakers right now. But Im building a purpose built Home Theater room and stereo, and plan on having Klipsch Rf-83's Add in the amps I need to power them. All three of my phones would cost about the same as ONE of my...