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    [Impression] FiiO E10

    so i think I've found a solution to the clicking noises that some people are experiencing. If you don't know what they are, from what I understand, it is like a shut off function that when no sound is coming out of the e10, it shuts off the signal, causing a slight popping or clicking sound...
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    Music Game IX

    Caroline, No- The Beach Boys
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    Headphones that sound better than beats solo for $50 or under

    The Koss PRODJ100's are under $50 on Amazon right now and they are worth every penny. 
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    How Durable are Koss Portapros (tell us your disaster stories/ close-calls)

    I had my PortaPros for about a year before the 3.5 mm connection broke. I was just using them one day and the left side stopped working and only worked when the wire was bent in a certain position. I was pretty rough on them though. I never used the carrying pouch or anything and now that i look...
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    Enter to Win: Moshi Audio Clarus Earphones

    1. A good sound stage 2. Clarity of highs and mids 3. A strong low end that is neither lacking or overpowering
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    cheap 4 channel surround sound amplifier?

    how much would a product like this cost? and what would be an example of one of these products from craigslist?
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    8 ohms receiver with 50 ohms headphones?

    Thanks for helping me understand this a bit more. So would you suggest having output from my sound card (which already has a headphone amplifyer) go to the receiver, then through the FiiO E5, and then to my headphones?  I also have another question, with my sound card (Xonar DG) there are 2...
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    8 ohms receiver with 50 ohms headphones?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm new to all of this hi-fi stuff. I have a Sony receiver (STR-DH510) and it says that it outputs 8 ohms. I also have Sennhieser 558's and they are 50 ohms. When I plug my headphones into the receiver using the headphone out, the bass is extremely increase...
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    Review by 'mrcrazyshoes' on item 'Sennheiser HD 558'

    Great sound quality and value! The sections in the ear piece can touch your ears if they are large and they are made entirely our of plastic, but overall they are extremely good headphones!
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    Xonar DG static problem

    Hey everyone, I have a Xonar DG and whenever I have it set to the headphone setting in the xonar audio center, it makes a very faint static noise that is just loud enough to be extremely annoying. When I switch it to the 2 speaker setting, the noise disappears. Is there a difference is sound...