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    64 Audio U12T vs Sony IER-7 how far apart are they sonically?

    A little history, I've been searching for the one IEM that I can settle on. And it's been a heck of a journey, every IEM I've tried either had fit issues or something about the sound that just bugged me. I don't know what the kind of "signature/tuning" that I like in an IEM (more like i can't...
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    Replaygain on Astell and Kern player

    Since the replaygain is applied on the playlist. if you add a new song to the playlist (after replaygain was set already) do you have to rerun replaygain again on the whole playlist? or do you just apply replaygain on the one song that you just added?
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    Replay Gain on digital players, how do they work?

    Some players like (Astell & Kern) have replay gain built into the player. Do you still need to have your files tagged for replay gain to have an effect? I know on a computer the replaygain is ignored unless the file itself has been tag with replay gain I notice that Cowon has this called A.I...
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    Is the FiiO M11 Plus LTD better or equal to the AK Kann Alpha in SQ?

    As the title states, is the Fiio M11 plus LTD as good as the Kann Alpha or is the Kann alpha better in the terms of SQ? Would any consider Fiio M11 as a mid tier or above based on SQ?
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    Dap and Dac, is this normal?

    I recently got the Lotoo Paw S1 and was testing it out. First I tried my cell phone with UAPP and it sounded very nice but the form factor (big phone) wasn't very to convenient. Next I decided to try using the Hiby R3 Pro with it (I did switched the audio out on the HIBY to Dock mode). All...
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    Why high end headphones (and IEMs) are (mostly) hype.

    When social media and word of mouth became a bigger hype machine than the magazines. As someone already mentioned before, send out the new product to as many hype man as possible to generate buzz. There will never be a true independent review unless the product was purchased by the...
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    Why high end headphones (and IEMs) are (mostly) hype.

    At some point diminishing returns must kick in. And from what I can tell most companies buy ba's from Knowles or have them tune it in a particular way. So I wonder how much "research" these companies are actually doing.
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    Opinions - get new IEM or Cans?

    My source is my AK SR15, when i was at the dealer I was using my unit and my songs. You know it's funny that you mention changing the source. At one point I was thinking about getting the chord mojo but then I didn't want to have to deal with a stack. As for the source vs the IEM/Cans it seems...
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    How much of a jump in sound quality am i getting?

    not to long ago I posted asking for advice for a new IEM, my budget was up to 1K. Anyway, after going through may reviews online (outside of forum). I brought the Tin HiFI P1, I have this thing for planar and the Tin HiFi intrigued me. I would have gotten the RHA CL2 but reviews for there seemed...
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    Lookign for recommendation for IEM

    Yes the bass was not as excessive as the BGVP DMG, for certain songs the bass does still bother me but not as much as the BGVP DMG. I was looking at the Andromeda but then there is a thread in the forum regarding how campfire was using knowles (knock off) drivers in some of their IEMs (from a...
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    Lookign for recommendation for IEM

    I'm looking for something that's less than $1000 with the following properties Highs, lows and bass - does not bleed into each other Highs, lows and bass - where everything is balanced and no one part trying to over take another part. Highs are not sibilant/fatiguing but present Mids are not...
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    Looking for advice on IEM or Source

    okay, so your recommendation would to look at IEM if i wanted to instead of trying to replace the Onkyo Dp-S1
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    Looking for advice on IEM or Source

    I have tried the Westone, the the AM pro's allow ambient sound to come in so the isolation is much lower than the standard UMPRO 30 (but very comfortable). They sound a a bit forward/mid focus to me but I'm not hating it, I'm actually indifferent which is why it has been so difficult for me to...