Dap and Dac, is this normal?
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Dec 29, 2010
I recently got the Lotoo Paw S1 and was testing it out. First I tried my cell phone with UAPP and it sounded very nice but the form factor (big phone) wasn't very to convenient. Next I decided to try using the Hiby R3 Pro with it (I did switched the audio out on the HIBY to Dock mode). All effects were off and Hiby was connected to the Lotoo Paw via otg usb-c out to the Lotoo Paw S1 (volume knob on the hiby did nothing). And to my suprise, music very different sounding. After A and B'ing it for a while I found that I prefer the way it sounds like coming from the cell phone with UAPP. How is this possible? Shouldn't it have sounded the same in both cases since the internal dac is bypassed in both scenario?

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