64 Audio U12T vs Sony IER-7 how far apart are they sonically?
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Dec 29, 2010
A little history, I've been searching for the one IEM that I can settle on. And it's been a heck of a journey, every IEM I've tried either had fit issues or something about the sound that just bugged me. I don't know what the kind of "signature/tuning" that I like in an IEM (more like i can't tell). I listen to music in all genre's, I want bass but natural bass, I want treble but not piercing or so much it causes silbance. I want some feeling of space but not so much that the vocals feel like they are pushed to the back. I like to hear the instructments but not have them in my face. I've tried IEM's where I found the strings, drums, or cymbals to be to prominent.

On/off I purchase a bunch IEM's and most were sold and the other just sits somewhere. And yes, I did audition a a few of them but not as many as I liked. Some of the ones that I did auditioned were campfire holocene, westone W60 Gen2, Shure 535, andromenda and Fearless 8Z, moondrop blessing 2, theiadudio clairvoyance/ monarch and etc.) The problem with auditioning in a store is that you only have so much time and external noise which you cannot control.

More recently I purchased the Sony IER-7 blind (solely based on reviews) and found it to be pretty pleasant. Like them more than the holocene. It's been over the week and so far I'm happy with it. Then last week I had the chance to try the IER-9 and the 64 audio U12T. I found the IER-7 to be better in terms of sound signature/tuning vs the IER9. Then, I tried the 64 Audio U12T (just for the heck of it) to see what a 2K IEM sounds like since they actually had one available. I've been back to the store 4x and have been trying it for the past 4 days already. The sales guy is getting tired of seeing me.

I do notice they do sound better. The reasonable side of me is saying they can't be 3x better. Thinking back to all the IEM that's I've spent money on and having to get rid of, i could have easlier gotten the U12T right off the back.

I know people are going to say, the value or if it's worth it is up to one to decided. let me put it in another way, if i had a mini van which I needed but then I could get a lambo, and someone asked me from a "car perspective" if the lambo was an upgrade. I would say yeah. So I guess I'm asking is the U12T from an "IEM prespective" an upgrade to the IER-7?
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