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    When to consider yourself as Audiophile?

    actually the term audiophile is someone who lusts sound. Their definition of good sound could be flawed, yet they would still be audiophiles. Now, a discerning audiophile is a different matter altogether.
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    IEMs for guitar playing

    Can nobody help me out? I can get the superfi pros for 160. Is there a better choice? Please i need to hear your opinions.
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    What happened to Iriver? They use to have so many more DAP's.

    I used to love their products... now I wish I could change my username
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    IEMs for guitar playing

    I never liked ER6i for music listening but i wonder how they would sound just for playing guitar through headphones. So my options are, ER6i, E3c (the midrange might be perfect for this), Super fi pro, And any other IEM thats good and around 150. I wont spend 200. it has to be at most 150-160
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    IEMs for guitar playing

    I play a lot of metal, and acoustic guitar. I am looking for some IEM that can do a good job when connected to my guitar amp/preamp I loved the shure sound for music, but all my good headphones had been sold. Now im looking for something great for guitar. I need something with some warmth and...
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    Shures Customer service is one of the best, but im still pissed

    i dont see any manufacturing date! on the plug where the cable splits into separate channels I see the numbers 2556 E500. Does that say whenthey were made. Im hoping sugarfriend can help me out with this. By he way I should still congratulate shure for their customer service took care of...
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    Er-4p's carrying case

    altoids can. Is the best for a case.
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    Why is there no really good sounding portable

    I wish someone would make a really good soundin portable. I see archos is making these 160gb players and stuff for 400. Why cant they make an audiophile player with 160 for say 600. I would buy that. Everybody mentions the kenwood as being it, but I own it and it is still nothing better than...
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    Recommendations for Best headphones on the market (new and old)

    Shure SE530s are the best IEMs in the market so far. Thats what I think, yup thats rite? THe absolute best I think.
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    ER6i or E3C

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight How about X3? Is it on the same level with ER6i ? I remember some people comparing them to the superfi pro. If they are that good, they are beyonf the ER6i.
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    Using Etys With Loud Volume

    I believe ultra low frequencies are most dangerous. True vibrating bass, at really loud volumes is very unhealthy and not just to the ear, and it can me some people literally vomit. Anyways, loud treble is bad for hearing. And the smoother the sound the safer to the ear. Supposedly peaks for...
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    ER6i or E3C

    Shure E3 by far. THe UEs on their level are the super fi 3s, and you also have the D jays which I have not heard but seem to be rather nice.
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    Is UE Triplefi 10pro a total upgrade over Ety ER4S?

    Quote: Originally Posted by antonyfirst Well, I think it's useless to keep "arguing", then, since it becomes a matter of taste. At best, we could explain the reasons for we prefer one IEM over the others (leaving away the UE Pro, maybe, since they are customs and I imagine there is no...
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    SE530s - how do they sound?

    Dare I say best IEMs ever. And yeah in my opinion better than the UE10 pro. And the reviewers at ilounge prefer it to the UE11 which I have not tried. Remember that everything is relative. So either the mids and bass are boosted or the treble is rolled off. These are rather flat from the bass to...
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    Is UE Triplefi 10pro a total upgrade over Ety ER4S?

    Quote: Originally Posted by antonyfirst Honestly, I was looking more at your signature than your nickname. Well my sig does say they USED to rule. Which means they dont anymore. THats why I use a kenwood instead. Quote: Originally Posted by antonyfirst As I told...