IEMs for guitar playing
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Mr Iriver

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Oct 17, 2004
I play a lot of metal, and acoustic guitar. I am looking for some IEM that can do a good job when connected to my guitar amp/preamp

I loved the shure sound for music, but all my good headphones had been sold. Now im looking for something great for guitar. I need something with some warmth and clarity. THe most im gonna spend is 150. I had the shure SE530s and they were stolen, and will not spend that much again. I loved those, but I dont wanna lose them again, after paying so much.
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I never liked ER6i for music listening but i wonder how they would sound just for playing guitar through headphones.

So my options are, ER6i, E3c (the midrange might be perfect for this), Super fi pro,

And any other IEM thats good and around 150. I wont spend 200. it has to be at most 150-160

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