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    Received my Ack! Industries dAck! (put it on your list!!)

    Interesting comments, Sean. I've been thinking of building a similar type of DAC myself for some time (based on Andreas' Ciuffoli's design, with upsampling mods). There's definitely something smoother about designs that don't have an active analog filter. Digital filterless designs I'm not as...
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    Help me get my Senn on

    Yeah, the Senn 580 are $160 at Amazon, so if you shop around online or in the For Sale forum you should be able to find them for even cheaper. Or post an ad in the For Sale forum with your maximum price (maybe $120-130) -- someone will jump on it.
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    MP3 vs. OGG

    Quote: Originally posted by master83 But is it necessary to encode OGG files at 500 kbits? No, definitely not. If you're going up to 500 kbits/sec, you might as well use a lossless format (most average around 500 kbits/sec).
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    Interconnect cables?

    Also worth considering if you're going with Canare cable is Canare GS-6. It's their cable specifically designed for interconnects (as opposed to star quad, which was designed for microphone cable, but is still excellent as an interconnect).
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    Various bits of good advice!

    The chickens always come home to roost (so don't burn bridges, etc.).
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    USB audio ... resamples to 48 kHz?

    For what it's worth, I've found that kernel streaming doesn't always bypass Kmixer, but it does on some configurations. So much of all this is in the specific driver/OS combination that it's hard to comment. Would it be possible for you to borrow a friend's receiver for an evening? Hate to...
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    USB audio ... resamples to 48 kHz?

    Quote: Originally posted by asdfeproiu9 Does this mean it resamples? I thought that when it outputs optically, it would just leave the signal alone ... Yeah, that's what you'd think. The reality, at least in my experience, is somewhat more complicated. With the M-Audio Sonica...
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    New Sarah McLachlan

    Quote: Originally posted by aerius Copy protection? What copy protection? I just used EAC to make a perfect copy of the audio tracks and I don't hear anything weird going on. No pops, no skips, no beeps, everything works and sounds fine. It ain't copy protected as far as I can tell...
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    Why express sorrow over the wallet?

    pbirkett, don't you miss the bass when listening with your Mission M51s? (Their -3dB point is 58 Hz.) IMHO, I've found that if you insist on good bass performance, speakers start to get a lot more expensive very quickly. The cheapest semi-decent subwoofers I've found start at $350 and most...
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    Foobar v Winamp

    Quote: Originally posted by fewtch The noise shaping (if it's predictive) will be correct for whatever signal is fed to the DAC... period. That's right, it is the correct noise shaping for "whatever signal is fed to the DAC." Problem is, if that signal is some junk perversion of the...
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    Foobar v Winamp

    Quote: Originally posted by blueice Hi I just switched from winamp to foobar. There seems to be quite a lot of options, but I dont know that much about the computer settings. I just know that my sound card outputs 16 bits. So should I stick to 16 bit fixpoint output? Yes...
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    Foobar v Winamp

    Quote: Originally posted by fewtch Errm... not sure you understand the nature of digital here. There's no such thing as "bad" bits -- a bit is either on (1) or off (0). Whatever is fed to a DAC will get noise-shaped/dithered, including any "corrupted" bits (which would consist of noise...
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    Foobar v Winamp

    Quote: Originally posted by fewtch The noise floor of CD (the full 16 bits) is 96dB, and it's very rare that much of that dynamic range is even used. I guess if you're concerned about losing that 5dB of signal down there it's worth it... provided you listen to your equipment at...
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    Foobar v Winamp

    Quote: Originally posted by pbirkett No. Most of "sound quality differences" people "hear" are placebo effect (at least with real music), as actual differences in produced sound data are below their noise floor (1 or 2 last bits in 16bit samples). I use Foobar myself. That said, the...
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    Thinking of switching. . .

    One thing worth mentioning is that the MG Head + Etymotic combo is much faster sounding than the MG Head + Sennheiser combo.