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    Hearing high pitch noise/bleep when moving mouse. Newly bought mini usb dac go vibe, how to eliminate noise?

    You can temporarily eliminate the ground loop by disconnecting either the computer or the receiver from the ground - just use cable with a two pole AC plug instead of a three pole one. This way you can find out how much of your troubles is caused by the loop and how much isn't. If you are...
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    Xonar Essence STX fake?

    1% of their avg monthly salary per card. Decent compensation for 5 minutes of work IMO. And this isn't even the craziest thing that happens in China. You may be interested in pages 5-7 (20-22 in the pdf) of this US Senate report...
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    Please recommend a computer psu

    As for the power, HDDs use few watts each, motherboard components a dozen or two and Core i3 less than hundred - pretty much every PSU is enough to run this setup. SS-400FL has silentpcreview recommendation and these guys appear to know what they are doing. If your case has some ventilation in...
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    Help with USB jitter

    Computer motherboard's "ground" is actually few millivolts above the real ground because there is a current flowing from motherboard "ground" traces to the real ground through cables which have some nonzero resistance. Apparently your DAC isn't designed to deal with being connected to two...
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    Weird siren noise from my amp

    Be careful though, because you will probably get the same noisy surprise if you accidentally touch this amp's case with any other grounded object.
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    Soundcard Question

    New soundcards are flat enough most of the time. Any bass boost you may hear is likely caused by high output impedance (combined with highly reactive headphones) and could be reduces by external amp with low output impedance. Or maybe this "other source", whatever it is, has bass rolloff.
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    Why do CDs sound better than loss less audio files?

    Make a 700MB zip archive with anything. Burn it to 100 different CD-Rs. Get some MD5/SHA1/whatever checksumming software. Compare checksums. They will all be the same. Now throw these CDs on the floor and walk over them. Compare checksums of copies which will be still fully readable. They...
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    Frequency Range ( 5Hz vs. 15Hz)

    Yep, as far as headphones go it's like the difference between riding a pegasus or a unicorn.
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    Audio over ethernet

    You may look for something mentioning "audio streaming" in foobar output plugins, but honestly I'm not aware of any widely used protocol for pushing audio streams to DACs over network which could be implemented by both foobar and this mixer. If Pioneer created their own protocol and their...
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    Audio over ethernet

    To put it simply - somebody would need to find out how to talk to this box and write a driver. Probably it won't hurt to ask Pioneer, but IMO if they had such driver, they would include it with the device.
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    Frequency Range ( 5Hz vs. 15Hz)

    Most "frequency response" specs published by manufacturers are bogus. Almost everything produced in the last 50 years is claimed to have at least 20-20 range and recently some manufacturers started coming up with insane numbers like 5Hz or even 2Hz. Yet even in 2013 many headphones don't...
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    what is sound card volume (loudness) refer to

    That's very simple, actually :) A soundcard analog output is approximately a voltage source, a resistor and (sometimes) a capacitor in series. If the capacitor is too small, it will reduce bass. If it's big enough (or not present at all) it can be ignored. We will ignore it from now. The...
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    Which USB connection would you use?

    Onboard USB2. These are parts of southbridges shipped in millions of motherboards and as such are the most battle-tested USB controllers in existence.
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    Is this a real FLAC album (4,193k. zip file) chinfonia.wav - excerpt from the original recording chinfonia.aac - same thing compressed to 120kb/s AAC chinfonia.aac.wav - above AAC file decompressed to wav Enjoy :) auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2 Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg...
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    Correcting L/R balance w/E17 on DT770s

    Peel off pads and pry a plastic ring surrounding the driver with knife or screwdriver. If you have an ohmmeter, check resistance of both drivers.