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    PS1000 Impressions Thread

        I'm looking forward to the "more to come later" part of this post and I'm super-glad to hear that you've had some success. I've been listening to my PS1000's on my WA6-SE for a few months now, bouncing back and forth between the stock rectifier and sophia princess, all while using stock...
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    PS1000 Impressions Thread

    I've had mine for a few months now and I too was underwhelmed at first. I definitely like them more now that I've broken them in a bit. The soundstage is absolutely fantastic on these things. My two complaints are #1, the cups fall down ALL the time and #2 I think the bass is too thin...
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    I'm so excited... my WA6-SE w/ sophia princess just came in!!! I'm installing the tubes right now. Can't wait to try it!