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    What To Do With A Dead Integrated Amp...

    I can only guess that the inrush current to the tuner sent a pulse to the amp, which the preamp section only made stronger. Anyway, it's a wonderful preamp!
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    Headphones in bed?

    My solution was to position my Proton 300/301 table radio (with right channel speaker) on either side of my bed. It was basic near-field listening, and with comfort. These Protons, btw, are powered speakers (two-way, biamped) with attached tuner-preamp. They sound great, as well.
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    Kansas City Meet Impressions

    I was one of those few attendees, and am grateful to the library (our venue) for providing us with a nice large room to set up in. The JDS gear, some of it FREE to take home was well made, and I was especially impressed by the headphone amp. However, I was hugely impressed by a pair of Sony...
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    Kansas City Headfi Meet June 3rd @ Oak Park Library 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    I'm picking out gear/cables/'phones/music to bring. Will there be tables there, or do we need to bring our own?
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    Any Head-Fiers Between Roswell and El Paso?

    Sorry guys! I dropped the ball about having a meet, and now my wife and I are moving back to the Kansas City area. Back to Misery/Missouri...
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    Any Head-Fiers Between Roswell and El Paso?

    Two posts just minutes apart after two years, and I had really forgotten about this thread! As you may know, there is a Head-Fi meet in Phoenix on the 23rd, but see about that in another thread on this sub-forum. Anybody want to have something more local, or shall we all carpool to P-town? I'm...
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    Converting standing speakers to pc speakers queation

    Typical Klipsch speakers are easy to drive.  I've been using a pair of Hereseys for some time now, and am told they do well with about ten watts of tube power.  I'm using them with seventy watts of high-current power, but the bass control is incredible.  A Marantz 1030 might do very well, or...
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    AZ Winter 2013 Meet: A Round 2 in the same year

    Laz might just come over from C-bad - haven't been to a Head-Fi meet in quite a while...
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    What TUBES are you listening to right now?

    Just the 6112's in my Musical Fidelity X-10v3.
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    Top ten worst headphones of all time... ever

    Let's not forget the tan-colored things that used to come with those little transistor radios.  Mono, park-in=the-ear, and horrible sound quality.  I took one apart once, decades ago, and the diaphragm was metal sitting on top of a ring magnet.  Horrible!  
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    This joke is totally awesome.

    Music Lover #1:  Yeah, I went to hear Carmena Barina last night - loved it!   Music Lover #2:  You mean "Carmina Burana."   Music Lover #1:  No, it was Carmena Barina.   Music Lover #2:  You say "Carmena," I say "Carmina."  You say "Barina," I say "Burana."  Carmena, Carmina, Barina...
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    Headphones in bed?

    Have you considered small speakers on either side of the bed?  I used to do that, and good near-field speakers really do give you the best of both worlds.  You have the speakers on stands, and they don't have to play loud because they are only a foot or so from each ear.   
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    Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

    I scored these two days ago at a sale in a dark, unheated outbuilding:   matching red and blue (pearlescent plastic) Esterbrook fountain pens (lever fill) - made in USA   burgundy plastic Wearever Flexfine fountain pen - made in USA   grey/chrome Schaeffer pump fill with wrap-around...
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    Fountain Pen-Fi?

    Sorry, wrong thread...
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    Neil Armstrong has died...RIP

    It's the last step for the man still a giant leap for mankind.