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    Denon AH-D2000 w/ Markl mod & Mogami cable - Used, Very Good Condition (sold with stand and 3.5mm adapter)

    I'll take these if you can wait only a couple days for payday. YHPM
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    Chad Ochocinco buys the best headphones in the industry for entire team - 28,000$. v. kill me now

    OOPS, Repost :P   "The headphones, widely regarded as the best in the industry, were designed by rapper Dr. Dre. The version Ochocinco picked out for the...
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    I need some headphones for when I am reclining in my chair with my laptop.  No amp.  Not very bulky..   I am thinking something LIKE the B&W P5 but not sure.. dont necessarily want to spend that much.  I tried them at the store and they are light and comfortable.. definitely the size/feel...
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    Van Den Hul "The First" metal free interconnects

     few knicks from regular use.  Still look great.  Some of the wording is a little rubbed off but honestly these are probably 7/10.  I'm gonna list them at 80$ but i'll take reasonable offers.      
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    SOLD: My vintage Grado RS-2 for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650

    I know its not what you are looking for, but do you have any interest in a heed canamp?
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    Heed Canamp - Sale or Trade - Also Van Den Hul 'The First' Interconnects

    PRICE DROP - Was 300 - NOW $285!! ICs were 75 - now 70!   Up for sale is my trusty heed canamp.   Like new condition.  Used with my k701s and loved every minute.  I have now upgraded.   285$   or trade for some headphones    70$ for the IC's
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    Sony CD3000 FS/FT

    trade for HEED CANAMP?     PM ME
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    Bottlehead SEX amp FT

    interested in heed canamp at all?
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    Look for a used pair of d2000.  
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    SOLD: Woo Audio 6 [Europe]

    I have a Heed Canamp and a pair of Van Den Hul The First interconnects.  Interested?
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    Sony MDR-SA5000

    Interested in a trade? 
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    Sony MDR-CD3000 Headphones $400 or trade towards Quad 12L2 or RSA SR71 or

    Interested in a trade?  I've got a Heed Canamp and some really nice interconnects that need a home.  PM me if so.
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    Heed canamp for trade
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    *Brand New* Sennheiser HD 650

    Trade for heed canamp? ;)